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Region 1: EPA New England

Common Violations - Boilers (CAA)

Common CAA (Clean Air Act)
(Violations stem from Federal NSPS, State SIP and State Permit Requirements)

This page provides useful information to help colleges and universities comply with some basic environmental regulatory requirements. This page, however, does not list all the applicable regulatory requirements that might apply to your campus. Please be sure to comply with all applicable requirements.
  • Failure to submit appropriate reports
  • Failure to monitor fuel for nitrogen and sulfur content
  • Failure to obtain minor permits (Typically regulated under SIP.)
  • Failure to install or failure to maintain in good working order opacity monitors.
  • Exceeding annual or 12 month rolling cap for fuel or steam production. (Typically a permit condition which stems form State SIP.)
  • Failure to provide and document actual annual VOC emission calculations for solvent degreasers. Also involves records of solvent additions and deletions from degreaser. (Typically regulated under SIP.)
  • If there is a gasoline pump on site:
    • failure to keep monthly through-put records;
    • failure to install/test vapor recovery system; and
    • failure to keep records of maintenance and malfunctions of vapor recovery systems. (Typically regulated under SIP for Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment controls.)
  • If there is a paint booth, use of paint booth coatings that exceeded allowable limits of VOC contents. (Typically regulated under SIP.)
  • Failure to obtain permits and keep records of operating hours for emergency generators.

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