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Region 1: EPA New England

Common Violations: UST (Region III)

Common UST (Underground Storage Tanks) Violations

This page provides useful information to help colleges and universities comply with some basic environmental regulatory requirements. This page, however, does not list all the applicable regulatory requirements that might apply to your campus. Please be sure to comply with all applicable requirements.
  • Leak detection system not working properly for a gasoline tank. [CFR 280.40] This is Subpart D Release Detection of the UST regs. Owners and operators of new or existing UST systems must provide a method or combination of methods, of release detection that: A. Can detect a release from the tank and the underground piping ... B. Is installed, calibrated, operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions....
  • Several tanks have no leak detection system. [CFR 280.40]
  • Incomplete tank removal - the hole was left in ground along with the contaminated soil onsite. [CFR 280.60-67] This regulation requires owners or operators of USTs to take appropriate response actions when there is a confirmed release from an UST.

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