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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Contact Us

BrownfieldsThe mailing address for the EPA New England Brownfields Team is:

EPA New England - Region 1
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code (See Below)
Boston, MA 02109-3912

EPA New England Brownfields Team Contacts
Person Title Program Phone
Mail Code
John Podgurski
Brownfields Section Chief   -1296 OSRR07-2
Frank Gardner
Brownfields Coordinator ACRES -1278 OSRR07-3
Christine Lombard
Program Lead Assessment & Communications -1305 OSRR07-2
Joe Ferrari
Program Lead Revolving Loan Fund -1105 OSRR07-2
Jim Byrne
Program Lead Cleanup & State Funding -1389 OSRR07-2
Alan Peterson
Program Lead Targeted Brownfields Assessment -1022 OSRR07-2
Kathleen Castagna
Program Lead Job Training -1429 OSRR07-3
Jessica Dominguez
Project Officer Sustainable Development -1627 OSRR07-2
Amy Jean McKeown
Project Officer Tribal Funding & Historic Preservation -1248 OSRR07-3
Laurie O'Connor
Project Officer Green Remediation -1605 OSRR07-2
Dorrie Paar
Project Officer Petroleum, All Appropriate Inquiries & National Panel Coordinator -1432 OSRR07-2
Dan Rodriguez
Team Member Special Projects -1060 OSRR07-2
Rona Gregory
Legal Advisor   -1096 ORA18-1
Dr. Nora Conlon
Quality Assurance Project Plan Coordinator   -8335 EQA

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