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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Other EPA Redevelopment Initiatives: Overview

Superfund Redevelopment Initiative and Pilot Program
The Superfund Redevelopment Initiative is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) nationally coordinated effort to facilitate the return of the country's worst hazardous waste sites to productive use, by selecting cleanup remedies that are consistent with the anticipated future use of the sites. The purpose of the Superfund Redevelopment Pilot is to help local governments participate in the and reuse of Superfund sites. Under the Pilot Program, EPA will provide, or will seek to have potentially responsible parties provide, up to $100,000 in financial assistance and services to local governments for specified activities. More...(EPA National)

RCRA Brownfields Prevention Initiative and Pilot Projects
RCRA Brownfields pilot projects under EPA's RCRA Brownfields Prevention Initiative are designed to test approaches that better integrate reuse considerations into the Corrective Action cleanup process, and to address concerns that application (or the potential application) of RCRA to cleanup activities at brownfields may be slowing down cleanup progress. EPA hopes to test a variety of innovative approaches that expedite the cleanup of brownfield properties subject to RCRA and to use the information gathered to create improvements in the administration of the RCRA program at contaminated sites. More...(EPA National)

USTfields Initiative
"USTfields" applies to abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties where redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination from federally-regulated underground storage tanks (USTs). EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks is undertaking an USTfields initiative to address petroleum contamination from abandoned tanks generally excluded from Brownfields redevelopment. The initiative is also intended to take advantage of the many advances in the Brownfields work that could and should be applied to the numerous (and often smaller and more rural) USTfields sites. More... (EPA National)

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