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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Brownfields Programs: Overview

Eligible entities for all EPA brownfields grant programs are:

  1. General Purpose Unit of Local Government.
  2. Land Clearance Authority or other quasi-governmental entity that operates under the supervision and control of, or as an agent of, a general purpose unit of local government.
  3. Government Entity Created by State Legislature.
  4. Regional council or group of general purpose units of local government.
  5. Redevelopment Agency that is chartered or otherwise sanctioned by a state.
  6. State.
  7. Indian Tribe.
  8. Nonprofit organizations (Cleanup, Job Training and TBA grants only).

Direct Assistance Programs

Financial Assistance Programs
There are several funding opportunities available. These include loans, grants, and tax-incentive programs.

  • Assessment Grant Program
    Provides funding for an eligible recipient to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites.
  • Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund.
    Provides funding for an eligible recipient to capitalize a revolving loan fund and to provide subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at brownfields sites.
  • Cleanup Grant Program.
    Provide funding for an eligible recipient to carry out cleanup activities at brownfields sites that they own.
  • Job Training Grant Program.
    Provide funding to assist residents of communities impacted by brownfields take advantage of jobs created by the assessment and cleanup of brownfields. The Job Training Grant Program’s goals are to prepare trainees for future employment in the environmental field and to facilitate cleanup of brownfields sites contaminated with hazardous substances.
  • Showcase Community Designation.
    These communities are selected as national models demonstrating the benefits of collaborative activity on brownfields. The communities are distributed across the country and vary by size, resources, and type of community. A wide range of support will be leveraged, depending on the needs of each Showcase Community.

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