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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

New England Success Stories

Featured Success Stories
Assessment and Cleanup Grant Programs: Modern Electroplating - Boston, MA

Assessment & Cleanup Grant Programs
Modern Electroplating - Boston, MA (PDF) (1 pg, 153 K)

Assessment, Cleanup and Revolving Loan Fund Grant Programs: Aerofab ? Sanford, ME

Assessment, Cleanup and Revolving Loan Fund Grant Programs
Aerofab - Sanford, ME (PDF) (1 pg, 137 K)

Revolving Loan Fund Grant Program: Allied Leather ? Concord, NH

Revolving Loan Fund Grant Program
Allied Leather - Concord, NH (PDF) (1 pg, 120 K)

Cleanup, Revolving Loan Fund and Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant Programs: Fitch Avenue ? New London, CT

Cleanup, Revolving Loan Fund and Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant Programs
Fitch Avenue - New London, CT (PDF) (1 pg, 127 K)

Cleanup and State and Tribal Grant Programs: The Steel Yard ? Providence, RI

Cleanup and State & Tribal Grant Programs
The Steel Yard - Providence, RI (PDF) (1 pg, 134 K)

Cleanup and State and Tribal Grant Programs: The Steel Yard ? Providence, RI

Cleanup and State & Tribal Grant Programs
Leader Evaporator Site - St. Albans, VT (PDF) (1 pg, 529 K)

The success of brownfields redevelopment efforts are enhanced through the exchange of innovative reuse ideas, cleanup technologies, and redevelopment approaches. These stories illustrate how different communities have met their brownfields challenges through creative solutions.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

State Location Project Date
CT Bridgeport 1558 Barnum Avenue (PDF) (1 pg, 403 K) [RLF] 2009
CT Bridgeport The Workplace, Inc. (PDF) (1 pg, 168 K) [JT] 2011
CT Bridgeport Went Field Park [A, TBA] 2002
CT Glastonbury Riverfront Community Center [TBA] 2006
CT East Hartford Goodwin College Riverfront Campus (PDF) (1 pg, 510 K) [A, C] 2008
CT Hartford Goodwin Estates [A] 2003
CT Hartford Main & Pavilion Shopping Center [RLF] 2006
CT Hartford North Star Center for Human Development (PDF) (1 pg, 115 K) [JT] 2011
CT Hartford School Street Project (PDF) (1 pg, 305 K) [RLF] 2011
CT Ledyard Former Erickson Property [TBA] 2003
CT Manchester ActionAir Systems [TBA] 2001
CT New Britain Russell & Erwin [A] 2003
CT New Britain Urban Oaks Organic Farm [A] 2003
CT New Haven "r" Kids Family Center [A] 2003
CT New London Fitch Avenue (PDF) (1 pg, 127 K) [C, RLF, TBA] 2011
CT New London Penn Central [TBA] 2001
CT New London Shaws Landing [A] 2005
CT New Milford Century Enterprise Center [A, C, RLF] 2003
CT Norwich Occum Park (PDF) (1 pg, 364 K) [TBA] 2008
CT Shelton Farmer's Market (PDF) (1 pg, 720 K) [C, TBA] 2008
CT Stamford Harley Davidson [RLF, SC] 2001
CT Waterbury Bunker Hill Park [A] 2003
CT Waterbury Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (PDF) (1 pg, 191 K) [JT] 2011
CT Waterbury South End Greenhouses (PDF) (1 pg, 179 K) [A] 2012
CT Winsted The American Mural Project (PDF) (1 pg, 136 K) [A, C] 2009
ME Bath The Prawer Block (PDF) (1 pg, 440 K) [A, RLF] 2010
ME Bath Town Landing (PDF) (1 pg, 121 K) [A, S/T] 2009
ME Biddeford North Dam Mill Property (PDF) (1 pg, 419 K) [A, RLF, S/T] 2010
ME Brunswick Maine Street Station (PDF) (1 pg, 431 K) [A, C] 2008
ME Eastport Former Consea Aquaculture & Historic Cannery (PDF) (1 pg, 168 K) [A] 2012
ME Hancock Sammis Property (PDF) (1 pg, 122 K) [A, S/T] 2011
ME Lewiston Bates Mills [A, RLF] 2003
ME Lewiston Railroad Park [TBA] 2002
ME Milo Ox-Yoke Originals Site (PDF) (1 pg, 432 K) [A] 2010
ME North Berwick North Berwick Woolen Mill Project (PDF) (1 pg, 451 K) [A, RLF] 2009
ME Old Town Lily-Tulip Factory [TBA] 2001
ME Pleasant Point Reservation Sipayik Corner Store (PDF) (1 pg, 610 K) [S/T] 2008
ME Portland Bayside Project [RLF] 2003
ME Sanford Aerofab Facility (PDF) (1 pg, 137 K) [A, C, RLF] 2011
ME Sanford Sanford Mill Site (PDF) (1 pg, 152 K) [A, C, RLF] 2011
ME South Berwick South Berwick Public Library (PDF) (1 pg, 171 K) [A, RLF] 2012
ME Westbrook Flannery Building [A, RLF] 2003
MA Boston 505 Tremont Street (Parcel 8) [RLF] 2002
MA Boston JFYNetWorks (PDF) (1 pg, 104 K) [JT] 2011
MA Boston Mattapan Community Health Center (PDF) (1 pg, 172 K) [RLF] 2012
MA Boston Modern Electroplating Facility (PDF) (1 pg, 153 K) [A, C] 2011
MA Brockton Spark Street [TBA] 2004
MA Chelsea Everett Avenue [A] 2001
MA Chester Regional Elementary School [A, RLF] 2003
MA Chicopee Bay State Wire Co. [A] 2003
MA Chicopee Former J.G. Roy Lumber Co. [A] 2003
MA Chicopee Tri-City Cleaners [A] 2003
MA Chicopee WWLP-22 Television Station [A] 2001
MA Dorchester Boston's Hope Project [TBA] 2004
MA Everett Tremont Villa [TBA] 2003
MA Fitchburg Hope Rubber Factory [A] 2003
MA Fitchburg Brownfields Community Profile (PDF) (1 pg, 2 K) [A, C] 2011
MA Gardner Affordable Housing - 30 Wickman Drive [A] 2002
MA Gardner Levi Heywood Memorial Library [A] 2006
MA Holyoke Holyoke Transportation Center (PDF) (1 pg, 1.9 MB) [A] 2011
MA Lawrence Lawrence Gateway Project [A] 2004
MA Lawrence Manchester Street Park (PDF) (1 pg, 138 K) [C] 2009
MA Lawrence Merrimack Street Project (PDF) (1 pg, 52 K) [A] 2011
MA Lawrence Union Crossing (PDF) (1 pg, 183 K) [A] 2011
MA Lowell Tsongas Arena and LeLacheur Park [A, S/T] 2001
MA Lowell Kathryn "Kay" Stoklosa Middle School [A] 2003
MA Lowell Ayer Lofts [A] 2003
MA Lynn Myrtle Street [A, RLF] 2002
MA Boston Jobs for Youth [JT] 2001
MA Medford River's Edge (PDF) (1 pg, 324 K) [A, C, RLF] 2009
MA New Bedford City of New Bedford (PDF) (1 pg, 97 K) [JT] 2011
MA New Bedford New Directions [JT] 2001
MA New Bedford Sid Wainer & Son Co. Greenhouse [A, TBA] 2006
MA New Bedford Standard Times Field [TBA] 2001
MA North Brookfield Former Aztec Industries (PDF) (1 pg, 184 K) [S/T, C] 2012
MA Northampton Old Fire Station [TBA] 2003
MA Salem 61 Ward Street (PDF) (1 pg, 532 K) [A, C] 2009
MA Somerville 30 Allen Street (PDF) (1 pg, 902 K) [A, C] 2007
MA Somerville CAAS Head Start Facility [A, RLF] 2006
MA Somerville Visiting Nurses Assisted Living Facility [A] 2001
MA Somerville Somerville Community Path Park (PDF) (1 pg, 480 K) [A, C] 2008
MA Springfield Expansion of Springfield Foodservice Corporation & New Hampden Zimmerman Electrical Supply Facility [A] 2003
MA Springfield Former Carew St. School [A] 2003
MA Taunton Taunton - Robertson on the River [A, C, RLF] 2006
MA Westfield Former H.B. Smith Property [A] 2002
MA Worcester Gardner-Kilby-Hammond (GKH) Revitalization Project [A, C] 2006
MA Worcester South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (PDF) (1 pg, 462 K) [C, TBA] 2010
NH Claremont Monadnock Mills (PDF) (1 pg, 398 K) [A] 2009
NH Concord Allied Leather Tannery (PDF) (1 pg, 120 K) [RLF] 2011
NH Durham Craig Supply Property (PDF) (1 pg, 98 K) [C, S/T] 2009
NH Greenfield East Coast Steel [S/T] 2003
NH Henniker Former Contoocook Valley Paper Company [S/T] 2006
NH Keene Former M.S. Perkins Machine Property (PDF) (1 pg, 193 K) [C] 2012
NH Keene Railroad Square (PDF) (1 pg, 178 K) [A, RLF] 2012
NH Londonderry Enterprise Regional Distribution Center [A, TBA] 2001
NH Nashua Former Whitney Screw Property [A, RLF] 2002
NH Nashua Senior Activity Center & Housing Facility (PDF) (1 pg, 1MB) [A, C] 2007
NH New Ipswich Seppala and Aho [A] 2002
NH Newmarket Essex Mills (PDF) (1 pg, 69 K) [A] 2008
NH Tilton Riverfront Park [S/T] 2006
RI Central Falls Spintex Mill [TBA] 2003
RI Coventry Coventry Meadows (PDF) (1 pg, 103 K) [A, S/T] 2011
RI Providence Bosworth Street (PDF) (1 pg, 411 K) [RLF] 2009
RI Providence Button Hole Golf Course [A] 2003
RI Providence Groundwork Providence, Inc. (PDF) (1 pg, 135 K) [JT] 2011
RI Providence Meeting Street National Center of Excellence (PDF) (1 pg, 377 K) [C] 2009
RI Providence Olneyville/Narragansett Landing [A] 2005
RI Providence OpenDoors (PDF) (1 pg, 167 K) [C, TBA] 2012
RI Providence Providence Community Health Centers (PDF) (1 pg, 199 K) [C] 2012
RI Providence Riverside Mills and Lincoln Lace and Braid [A, SC] 2001
RI Providence Save the Bay Center [A, RLF, TBA] 2006
RI Providence Westfield Lofts [RLF, TBA] 2006
RI Providence Lincoln Lace and Braid Factory (PDF) (1 pg, 131 K) [A, C] 2011
RI Providence The Steel Yard (PDF) (1 pg, 134 K) [C, S/T] 2011
RI Richmond Knowles Mill (PDF) (1 pg, 864 K) [C, TBA, S/T] 2008
RI Woonsocket Woonsocket Middle School Campus (PDF) (1 pg, 406 K) [A, C, RLF] 2010
VT Bellows Falls Boccelli's Cafe & Auction House (PDF) (1 pg, 798 K) [A] 2008
VT Bellows Falls Waypoint Visitor's Center [A] 2006
VT Bennington Vermont Tissue South (PDF) (1 pg, 173 K) [A, S/T, RLF] 2012
VT Brattleboro Transportation Center [A] 2003
VT Burlington Gosse Court Armory (PDF) (1 pg, 412 K) [A] 2009
VT Burlington Old North End Residential Properties (PDF) (1 pg, 431 K) [A] 2010
VT Burlington Vermont Bus Barns [A] 2001
VT Burlington Waterfront Apartments [A] 2006
VT Hartford Rail Road Row Redevelopment [A] 2006
VT Montpelier Former Salt Shed & Turntable Properties (PDF) (1 pg, 187 K) [A] 2012
VT Rutland Butterfield Property (PDF) (1 pg, 421 K) [A] 2009
VT St. Albans Leader Evaporator Site (PDF) (1 pg, 529 K) [A] 2010
VT Windsor Former Burnham Property [A] 2002


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