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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Former Erickson Property becomes a City Park

Success in EPA-Lead Targeted Brownfields Assessment Program
Ledyard, CT
(September 3, 2003)

EPA New England funded a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at the Erickson Property, located at 110/114 Military Highway, in 1999 on behalf of the town of Ledyard, CT. After the property was assessed by the Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) program, (with additional site assessment paid for by Erickson Estate, the property owners) the site underwent remediation. The town of Ledyard is currently redeveloping the property into an open greenspace and waterfront park. The dedication is anticipated to take place in either the winter 2003 or spring 2004.

The Erickson family owned the site since approximately 1900. The site was utilized as a convenience store, roller rink, and automotive service station. Gasoline sales and automotive repairs were performed on the site from the 1920s until the 1980s. The general store operated from the 1920s until the early 1990s. Items sold at the store included automotive supplies and lead-acid batteries.

The Erickson property is located at 110/114 Military Highway in the Gales Ferry section of the town of Ledyard, CT. The property is 2.89 acres and consists of two adjacent triangle- shaped pieces of land that are located between the Thames River and Military Highway. One of the two triangle-shaped pieces of land (Parcel 110) was undeveloped and was vegetated with grass, shrubs, and trees. The other piece of land (Parcel 114) contained five unoccupied, deteriorating structures including a 2,000-square foot convenience store and service station, a 1,500-square food residential dwelling, a 1,500-square decked-over foundation of a former dwelling, an old shed, and an outhouse.

An initial Phase I ESA was prepared for the town of Ledyard by Heynen Teale Engineers, in November 1998. The initial Phase I ESA cost about $1,450 and was paid for by the town of Ledyard. The results from the initial Phase I recommended further testing for soil contamination and to ensure all underground tanks were removed. The Final Phase I Technical Memo, Background Summary, valued at $50,000, was conducted by EPA’s contractor Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. and completed on August 16, 1999. This Phase I ESA recommended that due to the types of debris left at the site, including drums, pails, tanks, batteries, and other solid waste, a Phase II ESA needed to be conducted at the property. The Erickson Estate (owners of the property) assumed responsibility of the Phase II ESA. It was prepared by ALTA Environmental Corporation in June 2000. The results of Phase II ESA indicated that items found at the site of environmental concern should be removed. The results also showed that soil contamination was not significant and did not require remediation. Once the Phase II was completed in 1999, the town of Ledyard purchased the site for a reduced price that reflected the estimated cost of the cleanup work required at the site ($15,000).

Cleanup was conducted by Fleet Environmental Services and paid for by the town of Ledyard. The contractor removed items of environmental concern noted in Phase II report by ALTA. Cleanup work was completed in August 2000. Asbestos found in the remaining buildings were removed by Wiese Construction & Environmental Service Inc. The total cost of asbestos removal was $15,880. The work was completed in December of 2001. The old store and home were demolished pro bono by a local contractor. The debris dumping fees were paid by a state of Connecticut Long Island Sound License Plate fund grant and totaled $7,600. The demolition work was completed in March of 2003.

The town of Ledyard is currently redeveloping the site into a passive park and public open greenspace and a dedication ceremony will take place in the winter 2003 or spring 2004. Since March 2003, local groups have volunteered to remove site debris such as brush, cement block, old wheelchair, etc. A site preparation plan to create a park has been completed. Signs and benches are currently on order and will be installed in December 2003. The town of Ledyard is working to remove the pavement and to find funds to stabilize the boat launch. An Eagle Scout from the local area is proposing to remove underbrush and invasive plants and possibly repair the stone wall as part of his Eagle Project.

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