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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Timeline - Redevelopment of Property at 14A and 14B Broad Street (former Whitney Screw property)

This Success Story was completed before the signing of the 2002 Brownfields Legislation. The Assessment Demonstration Pilot Program is now called the Assessment Grant Program.


1963 Whitney Screw purchases property at 14 Broad Street from White Mountain Freezer Company.
1982 The last property taxes are paid by Whitney Screw to the city of Nashua, NH.
1985 April - Whitney Screw ceases plating operations.
1995 June 28 - All leases assigned to Bank of New Hampshire.

September / October - AGI conducted a limited Phase I environmental assessment.
1997 November 3 - Whitmey Screw is involuntarily dissolved by the Secretary of State.
1999 U.S. EPA awards New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services with $1.45 million to capitalize a Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (BCRLF).

September - U.S. EPA awards the city of Nashua $200,000 to fund an Assessment Demonstration Pilot for the Broad Street Redevelopment Corridor.
2000 Census reports Nashua, NH to have population of 86,605 and an unemployment rate of 2.9%.
2001 Developers Smith and Jackson, of Smith Jackson, LLC, express interest to NHDES about using the New Hampshire Brownfields Covenant Program and the BCRLF to assist in the redevelopment of the Whitney Screw site.

April to July - GZA GeoEnvironmental, contractors for the State of New Hampshire, conduct Phase I environmental site assessment.

Fall - Smith and Jackson purchase the note for the property from the Bank of New Hampshire. The Nashua Planning Board approves splitting the property into two parcels, 14A and 14B.

September - GZA produces 2 remedial action plans (RAP); U.S. EPA awards NH DES an additional $1.0 million to the BCRLF.

October - NHDES Ustfields Pilot and Oil Pollution Control Fund Tank Removal Program remove 4 underground storage tanks and numerous fuel-containing drums from property.

October 31 - New Hampshire Department of Justice determines that Smith and Jackson is eligible to participate in New Hampshire Brownfields Covenant Program.

November - RAPs refined by GZA; released Environmental Evaluation and Cost Analysis

2002 January 17 - BCRLF signed by Smith and Jackson for $189,000.

June - Anticipated opening of Goodale's Bike at 14A Broad Street.


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