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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Expansion of Springfield Foodservice Corporation and New Hampden Zimmerman Electrical Supply Facility

Success in Targeted Assessment Grant Program
Springfield, MA
(June 12, 2003)



The cleanup and redevelopment of the former Springfield Public Works Facility was the first Brownfields project undertaken by the city with the Brownfields Assessment Pilot Grant funds. The city of Springfield received its first brownfield grant award in 1998 for $200,000, and utilized $50,000 of that funding to conduct an environmental assessment that led to redevelopment of a public works site. The project was managed by the Offices of Planning, Economic Development and Community Development. The city of Springfield paid for the cost of building demolition and cleanup of the site (approx. $250,000). Redevelopment of the property was undertaken by Springfield Foodservice Corporation (SFC) and Hampden Zimmerman Electrical Supply. SFC was an adjacent land owner needing additional land for a 50,000 square foot expansion. By selling SFC the land for the expansion, the city was able to retain over 200 jobs and SFC invested $3.6 million in the property. The remainder of the land was sold to Hampden Zimmerman who invested over $2 million for a new 40,000 square foot building that employs over 60 people. Both investments resulted in over $100,000 in new tax revenues for the city.

The former Springfield Public Works Facility, located at 274 Taylor Street, consisted of six buildings on 5.6 acres of land. The brick masonry buildings, owned by the city of Springfield, were constructed between 1907 and 1923 and were used for storage, painting, vehicle maintenance, and offices. Prior to its use as a public works facility, the land hosted a variety of uses during the 1800’s, including housing, coal sheds, an asphalt mixing plant, and railroad facilities, belonging to the New York and North East Railroad. Sanborn maps (digital maps) indicate that the city operated a wagon shed and carriage house on the property during the late 1800’s. The entire property was used by the Springfield Department of Public Works from 1924 until 1999, when all of the buildings were demolished.

The assessment and cleanup were completed by Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS). SFC & Hampden Zimmerman both were selected, respectively, to conduct the redevelopment of the property. The city utilized several financial incentives to attract the developers, including giving the developers incentives in the form of tax increment financing. In 2000, the developers completed the projects and the property was put back into use for the community.

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