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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Harley Davidson / Buell Dealership of Stamford

This Success Story was completed before the signing of the 2002 Brownfields Legislation. The Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Pilot Project is now called the Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Program.

Success in Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Pilot Project
City of Stamford, CT



Senator Joseph I. Lieberman

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of CT at grand opening with Owner Fritz Blau.


Newly Renovated Motorcycle Showroom

Linda Garczynski

Linda Garczynski, EPA's Director of Outreach and Special Projects at the Grand Opening.

In July 1998, the City of Stamford was recognized nationally as a Brownfields Showcase Community. In 1999, the City of Stamford, CT was awarded $750,000 to capitalize its Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (BCRLF) to make loans facilitating the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields properties.

The 575 and 579 Pacific Street properties, totaling 0.672 acres, are located in a mixed use area of commercial, industrial, and single and multiple residence dwellings. The site housed a variety of commercial operations since the late 1890's. Two dilapidated brick buildings occupied approximately 30% of the site. Blue's Brother's, LLC, purchased the properties as well as 3 contiguous abandoned lots with the goal of building a motorcycle shop, maintenance facility, and a parking lot. Owner and President, Fritz Blau, borrowed $160,000 from the BCRLF to defray from the total cost of abatement and removal of contaminated material and became the 3rd project in the nation to receive BCRLF assistance. The loan was signed in November 1999. It was signed for 15 month repayment plan at 6% interest. If repayment was made within 12 months, no interest would be assessed. However, if the repayment was not paid upon maturity, the interest rate would go to 12% until the loan was paid in full. For the $1.5 million redevelopment project, Mr. Blau worked with the residents in the neighborhood of the South End and took their comments and suggestions for cleanup and redevelopment.

The City of Stamford Community Development Office was the lead agency, responsible for ensuring compliance during cleanup with all applicable laws and regulations and to ensure funding was used for authorized purposes. The Army Corps of Engineers provided site management through an Interagency Agreement with EPA. Hygenix, Inc. completed the Phase I and II assessment by May of 1999. Approximately 3,000 tons of soil contaminated with chromium, lead, cadmium, petroleum hydrocarbons, PCB's, and arsenic were removed by October 1999. The pollution was most likely the result of previous industrial uses, including plastics manufacturing and foundry operations. The site was cleaned to residential standards to maximize options for future use. One of the existing brick buildings was renovated for use as a motorcycle showroom and office.

On December 1, 2000 the community celebrated the grand opening of the Harley Davidson / Buell Dealership of Stamford. The project reduced public exposure to toxic pollutants and created 7 to 10 new jobs for community residents. The project was also unique with respect to the strong partnerships formed between City, State and Federal agencies, the local business community, and the local residents. Demonstrating the true essence of a Showcase Community, these partnerships demonstrated how strengths and resources were brought together to effect positive change in the community.

EPA Press Release: Press Release on Harley Davidson / Buell of Stamford Dealership


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