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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

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To date, EPA New England's Cleanup programs has successfully completed or is involved in cleanup activities at more than 100 NPL sites, 167 RCRA Corrective Action sites, hundreds of brownfields projects and grants as well as hundreds of short-term cleanups of hazardous waste sites.

Use this area of the Web site to locate a hazardous waste site in the New England region. Choose from one of the following search options:

  1. Search through Fact Sheets for EPA New England Sites
    Enter any text string in the "Find a Cleanup Site" search box, or use the Advanced Search to find a site by name, location, or type. Site Fact Sheets are included for: Information is also available for ongoing or recently completed emergency response actions.

  2. Find Hazardous Waste Sites by State
    Choose a state below to list all Superfund sites within a state, or use the Advanced Search to specify additional search criteria.



    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island

  3. New England States Maintain Their Own Databases of Potentially Contaminated Sites.
    Click here for links to information available in your state.

  4. Find Hazardous Waste Sites Around the Nation.
    Go to the CERCLIS Hazardous Waste Sites listing maintained by EPA Headquarters to locate hazardous waste sites for any state in the nation.

  5. On-Scene-Coordinator (OSC) Database
    Use the OSC fact sheets to find information on cleanup sites in New England.

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