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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Superfund Administrative Records

Administrative Record (AR) files for Superfund sites located in New England are available for public review at the US EPA New England Superfund Records Center in Boston and at the local repository for each removal and remedial site.

To view the Index of documents included in a specific Administrative Record, please see the site's individual web page. Find individual cleanup site pages here.

Additionally, some AR files are available for public review on-line.

An Administrative Record file for a Superfund site is a subset of the remedial and removal site files compiled and made available to the public as the basis for selected Superfund response actions.

Specific types of records may include Action Memoranda, Administrative Orders, Consent Orders, Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs), the Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection, the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, Community Relations Plans, correspondence, fact sheets, news clippings, work plans, Natural Resource Trustee information, site reports, the proposed and approved remedial action, POLREPs, Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) letters, the Record of Decision (ROD), technical assistance documentation, technical issue papers, public meeting transcripts, public comments on the development of the Administrative Record, and an index to the record.

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