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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England


These electronic files contain the text of records established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These files may have been converted to make the documents more easily readable on your computer screen. Efforts have been made, though not guaranteed, to note in the text or bookmarks when and where graphics, oversized materials and/or other content has not been included in the courtesy copy. Formatting (margins, page numbering, etc.) may be different than the record copy.

Metadata may have been added to the electronic files to make the files more useful. This metadata is not part of the official record copy.

These electronic files are courtesy copies of the official records. If any discrepancies are found, the record copies, which are maintained by the U.S. EPA, are the official records.

Additional Disclaimer regarding Administrative Records and/or Dockets:
The PDF courtesy copies of the Administrative Record/Docket may include index data and other metadata (hereinafter collectively referred to as metadata) to allow the user to conduct index searches and key word searches across all the documents. All the information that appears in the metadata, including any dates associated with creation of the indexing data, is not part of the Administrative Record/Docket for the Site under CERCLA and shall not be construed as relevant to the documents that comprise the Administrative Record/Docket. This metadata is provided as a convenience for the user and is not part of the Administrative Record/Docket.


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