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Region 1: EPA New England

Questions About Your Community and EPA New England

Answers to environmental questions about your New England community.

The air we breathe, the water we use, the land we live on and the waste we create are regulated and monitored by local, state and federal government organizations. This site is designed to help you get answers to questions about EPA New England and our environment.

For answers to questions on...

US EPA HQ & Related National Sites
Acting Locally
CDC Environmental Health Click icon for EPA disclaimer. 
AIRNOW (real time air pollution data)
Concerned Citizens Resources
Environmental Information by Zip Code and/or Address
Green Communities Assistance Kit
National Priorities List (NPL) Sites (Superfund Sites)
SunWise Program: Today's UV Index
Toxics Release Inventory
Watersheds, Environmental conditions and activities in watersheds throughout the US


For answers to questions on...
Acid Rain
Indoor Air
New Source Review
Ozone Smog
Particulate Matter
Power Plant/Industry Smoke Stack Emissions
Toxics in the Air
Residential Wood Combustion
What is EPA doing about Diesel Exhaust?

EPA New England

For answers to questions on...
Contacting & Visiting Us
EPA History
Regional States
Web Site  


For answers to questions on...
Clean Sites & Reuse

Office, House & Yard

For answers to questions on...
An Eco-cool Holiday Season
Best Workplaces for Commuters
EPA's Rules & Small Businesses
Healthy Homes Brochure
How to Stop Getting Unsolicited Direct Mail
Indoor Air Quality
Lead in Drinking Water
Lead Paint Poison Prevention
What Can I Do to Help The Environment When I Travel for the Holidays or an Upcoming Meeting?
What is Household Hazardous Waste?
Why Reuse or Recycle Your Old Computer?


For answers to questions on...
Computers and Electronic Waste
Superfund and Brownfields Cleanups


For answers to questions on...
Can I eat the fish I just caught?
Discharges into Water
Drinking Water
Should I be swimming in this water?
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Soak Up the Rain - Learn how you can take action to protect New England waters

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