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Region 1: EPA New England

Questions About Your Community: Power Plant/Industry Smoke Stack Emissions

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If you have a question regarding what is being emitted into the air at a nearby power plant or other business operating in your community, you may be able to find the information at the following web site: http://www.epa.gov/air/data/netemis.html. This page contains air emissions data reported to EPA by State Environmental agencies for larger sources in their respective states. If the information you are looking for is not available on this site, you should contact the following State agencies, or the EPA New England office, at the following numbers:

Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Air Management
(860) 424-3026

Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Air Quality Control
(207) 287-2437

Department of Environmental Protection
Air Program Planning Unit
(617) 292-5593

New Hampshire
Department of Environmental Services
Air Resources Division
(603) 271-1370

Rhode Island
Department of Environmental Management
Office of Air Resources
(401) 222-2808

Agency of Natural Resources
Air Pollution Control Division
(802) 241-3840

US EPA New England
Air Quality Planning Unit:
(617) 918-1983

Additionally, these state environmental agencies may have issued a permit to the facility you are interested in. Permits are readily available to the public, and generally contain information on which pollutants are being released, how much may be released, and what steps the source's owner or operator is taking to reduce pollution. The agencies listed above should also be able to tell you whether or not the facility you are interested in has a history of complying with the laws which govern its operation. You can also get information on Title V permitted facilities through our Air Permitting topics page.

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