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Region 1: EPA New England

CWSRF Funding in New England States

Federal capitalization grants, along with state matching funds, capitalize the state infrastructure revolving fund programs. The CWSRF program, which began in 1989, continues to be funded through annual federal congressional appropriations, state match funds, and loan repayments from CWSRF loans. The first two tables below show loan repayments from each of the six states, three of which have direct loan programs (loans to communities without use of the bond market), while the other three states leverage their capitalization grant funds in the bond market to increase the amount of funding available to loan out to their communities. States with system infrastructure needs significantly larger than the level of federal and state capitalization funds available have made the decision to tap the bond market to help meet their large infrastructure needs. It is important to remember that, while the CWSRF is a significant source of funding for wastewater needs, the SRF funds provide only about 12% of wastewater infrastructure needs nationally.

The state specific tables below show the availability of funds for a given year for all six CWSRF programs. The first table describes funding for ME, NH and VT, while the second table describes the programs in CT, MA and RI. A very important source of funding for this program is loan repayments. You can clearly see the growth in repayment funds over time as the programs have matured.

Region 1 - CWSRF Repayments (Non-Leverage States)

Region 1 - CWSRF Repayments (Leveraged States)

In the state specific tables, you can see that the federal and state annual funding has remained fairly constant over the years. What has changed is the level of repayment funds available for new loans, which is shown in green. Over time, as the increasingly larger pool of 20 year loans are repaid to the CWSRF fund, these monies are available to loan out again. This has been an important source of funding to help meet the increasing infrastructure needs.

Connecticut CWSRF


Massachusetts CWSRF

New Hampshire CWSRF

Rhode Island CWSRF

Vermont CWSRF

Projects Funded by SRF Programs in New England

Unlike grants, providing loans for the construction of wastewater construction means that as the project loans are repaid to the state SRF program, these funds are available to make new construction loans. Over time, the level of loan repayments can grow considerably. In New Hampshire, for example, their FY 2012 federal capitalization grand of approximately $8 million is dwarfed by the approximately $31 million in annual loan repayment monies. This means that additional critical projects can be funded that will further improve the water quality in New England. Below is a state breakout of funds provided since the inception of the CWSRF program.

Loan Funds Provided by CWSRF Programs in Region I

State Amount of Loaned Funds
Connecticut $1,856,105,227
Maine $638,753,718
Massachusetts $5,189,000,798
New Hampshire $634,032,989
Rhode Island $1,391,958,798
Vermont $232,645,341
Total Region I States $9,942,496,671


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