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Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day Nature Selfies Photo Project

Go outside and take a #natureselfie!

The EPA and The Nature Conservancy are partnering together on a photo project this April. We encourage everyone to show their love of nature by taking their very own #natureselfie photo!

It is easy to do:

  • Go out to a nearby park or garden and take a picture of your favorite tree, flower, or other blooming plant.

  • Contribute to our collaborative photo album by uploading your pictures to the “Earth Day NatureSelfies” Group on Flickr Click icon for EPA disclaimer..

  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #natureselfie. If you can include the location in your photo caption or tweet, that would be great!

  • Make your #natureselfie your profile picture for the week to share your support for protecting the planet.

Be part of this fun activity and encourage your friends and family to participate! We will be sharing our favorite pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

The goal of this project is to get people outside on Earth Day and connect with nature and share your love for our great Earth! Our plan is to have this project continue in future years where participants can return to the same tree, flower or blooming plant a year later and take another photo of it. Changes in blooming patterns could be examined and may have a connection to climate change.

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