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Enforcement in New England

Regional ADR Program

Who are we and what do we do?

Nationally recognized as a leader in promoting the effective use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the environmental context, EPA New England's ADR Program is the only established regional team of its kind with so broad a constituency. Our team of trained, experienced mediators does the following:

  1. Consults to EPA staff (including regulatory and superfund case teams), and outside parties about whether some form of ADR is likely to be of use in particular circumstances;
  2. Helps groups of parties collaboratively select outside mediators;
  3. Helps groups of parties agree on & set up an ADR process;
  4. Provides direct mediation & facilitation services;
  5. Provides custom-designed training on conflict management and the effective use of ADR; and
  6. Provides outreach to other agencies, the public and the regulated community to promote effective ADR use.

Since our first recorded use of ADR in 1992, ADR techniques, primarily mediation and facilitation, have been applied in over 300 matters in this region. During the earlier years of our ADR program, ADR was used primarily in the Superfund context to address enforcement and remedy selection issues. Recent ADR activities have demonstrated a shift toward truly agency-wide use. In addition to the expansion of the statutory and programmatic settings in which ADR is being applied, we have also seen a widening of the range of ADR techniques being adapted and applied.

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