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Enforcement in New England

Preparedness Alert # 2

In light of recent terrorism events, the US EPA, in conjunction with the New England State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), continue their efforts and to help you to focus on the critical issues of safety and the environment. This message continues along that same preparedness thought process and deals with Chemical Accident Prevention and Site Security. The first line of defense against terrorism is your site security.

We are asking the SERCs and all the individual LEPCs to maintain a continued dialogue with the facilities in their communities addressing their preparedness and their ability to manage the risks of a deliberate or accidental release to ensure the safety of their workers and the community.

Most business efforts focus on ensuring that your facility is designed and operated safely on a day-to-day basis, using well-trained staff. However, because of today's increased concern about terrorism and sabotage, companies are also paying or should be paying increased attention to the physical security of facility sites, chemical storage areas, chemical processes, and transportation sources. In the same vein, one can't ignore potential chemical accidents from accidental or deliberate electric power outages.

All companies, big or small, should have some measure of site security in place to minimize potential criminal activity and to protect company assets. This is especially true for facilities that handle extremely hazardous or biological substances. There is no time like the present time to review and update your site security plans and electrical power outage operational / process procedures.

Two additional EPA Alerts to assist in your planning review and preparedness efforts:

EPA New England pledges to work with the SERCs & LEPCs and offers the assistance of the following staff:

  • John Kilborn (kilborn.john@epa.gov)
    Toxics, Pesticides & Federal Program Unit Chief
    Fax: 617-918-0893
  • Dwight Peavey (peavey.dwight@epa.gov)
    Senior Assistance Coordinator; TRI Program: Small Business Advocate
    Fax: 617-918-0829
  • Len Wallace (wallace.len@epa.gov)
    SERC Liason (MA, NH, VT); LEPC Liaison; CAMEO; One Plan; Electronic Tier II Submission; RMP Coordinator; EPCRA Coordinator
    Fax: 617-918-0835
  • Jim Gaffey (gaffey.jim@epa.gov)
    SERC Liason (CT, ME, RI); Site Security; Emergency Preparedness Exercises
    Fax: 617-918-0753
  • Rose Toscano (toscano.rose@epa.gov)
    Tier II Enforcement
    Fax: 617-918-0861
  • Chris Rascher (rascher.chris@epa.gov)
    TRI Enforcement
    Fax: 617-918-083
  • Chris Jendras (jendras.chris@epa.gov)
    RMP, EPCRA Programs
    Fax: 617-918-0845

Other important contact numbers:

National Response Center for 24 Hour Spill Reporting: 1-800-424-8802

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