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Enforcement in New England

EPCRA Assistance/Enforcement Program Resources

Mary Jane O'Donnell
Manager (617) 918-1371
Dwight Peavey
Senior Assistance and Coordinator, Small Business Advocate, Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program (617) 918-1829
Len Wallace
SERC Liaison (MA, NH, VT), LEPC Liaison, CAMEO/Landview, One Plan/Integrated Contingency Plan, Electronic Tier II Submission, RMP Coordinator, EPCRA Coordinator (617) 918-1835
Jim Gaffey
SERC Liaison (CT, ME, RI), Emergency Preparedness Exercises (617) 918-1753
Chris Rascher
TRI Enforcement (617) 918-1834
Rose Toscano
Tier II Enforcement (617) 918-1861
Chris Jendras
RMP, EPCRA Programs (617) 918-1845

EPA New England Resources

Communities Topics
Index of other EPCRA and community related topics

Pollutants and Toxics
Index of other pollutants and toxics related topics

Laws and Regulations

Summary and full text of EPCRA

EPCRA Regulations
EPCRA regulations at 40 CFR Parts 355 and 370

RMP Regulations
Risk management planning regulations at 40 CFR Part 68

Policies and Guidance

TRI Guidance
Industry and chemical specific TRI guidance from EPA National

RMP Guidance
Industry guidance for risk management programs from EPA National

Policies and Guidance
Enforcement and compliance policies and guidance from EPA National

General Enforcement Policies
EPA's audit, small business, and supplemental environmental project policies

EPA National Resources

Waste, Chemical and Cleanup Enforcement
EPA National's Waste, Chemical and Cleanup Enforcement website

Enforcement Alert
Newsletter on important environmental enforcement issues and trends

EPCRA Program
Information on EPCRA requirements from EPA National

Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program
Information on EPCRA/TRI program and access to TRI data from EPA National

Tier II Chemical Inventory Reports
Information on submitting an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form from EPA National

Risk Management Plan Program
Information on risk management plans from EPA National

Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Information on pesticides and toxics programs from EPA National

Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Information on pollution prevention and reducing risks from toxic substances from EPA National

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