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Enforcement in New England

SEP Proposal Recommendations

1. General information

Provide a project name or title and general information about your submission, including a contact name, organization, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

2. Description of the Project

Provide a description of the project. Inclusion of all the following information is not required but will help the case team to assess whether the project is appropriate in a particular case.

A. Project Specifics

Geographic location of the project (including the name of state, city, watershed, river, or other description of the ecosystem or geographic area affected by the proposed project).

For industrial equipment modifications or purchases, the affected processes, media, and waste streams or discharges, and a technical description of the work that will need to be performed.

Estimated time needed to complete the project.

Federal initiatives or other activities that are related to the project.

Third party organizations that could be involved in implementing the project.

Community input processes that have already been undertaken.

B. Environmental and Public Health Benefits

For industrial projects, an estimation of the projected percentage and/or quantity of pollutant reduction that will result from the project or a description of the benefit to the general public or the environment, including a description of the procedures that would be used to verify the environmental benefits achieved (e.g., stack test, sampling, monitoring data, etc.)

For other projects, the environmental or public health benefits that will result from the project, quantified as much as possible (e.g., number of acres of wetland available for restoration, size of population at risk that will be helped by the project, etc.)

C. Cost of Project

To the extent known, an estimated budget for the project.

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