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Enforcement in New England

TSCA Enforcement Program

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is intended to protect the public and the environment from exposure to numerous chemical substances and mixtures. Below are descriptions and contacts for the various TSCA programs: Core TSCA, PCBs, Lead, and AHERA.

Core TSCA regulates the importation, manufacture and distribution of chemicals in the United States. The TSCA Inventory is the list of chemicals and their associated environmental and health affects that have undergone a permit process so as to allow accountability for distribution in commerce. The research and development as well as the exportation of toxic chemicals is also subject to TSCA requirements. There are five categories which are exempt from compliance with the Core TSCA regulation: Pesticides, Radioactive, Food/Cosmetics, Tobacco and Ammunition. For further information contact the Core TSCA hotline, (202) 554-1404, or review 40 CFR Parts 704 thru Parts 790.

TSCA PCB regulations prohibits the manufacture of polychlorinated biphenyls (commonly known as PCBs), controls the phase-out of their existing uses, and sees to their safe disposal. PCBs are the only chemical class specifically named in TSCA because Congress believed that the chemical and toxicological properties of PCBs posed a significant risk to public health and the environment.

Implementing regulations for TSCA are found in 40 CFR Part 761: Some key provisions of the regulations and EPA policies include: assumption of PCBs if not labeled, location and content of PCB labels, visual inspection and recordkeeping for PCBs in use or stored for reuse, other recordkeeping requirements, disposal (current list of commercially permitting PCB disposal companies), storage for disposal, spill prevention, PCB spill cleanup policy, food and feed restrictions, PCB transformer fire regulations, storage container specifications, notification and manifesting rule, EPA policy on physical separation of PCBs, reclassification of transformers, PCB fluorescent light ballast disposal, and PCBs in laboratories.

TSCA Lead regulations are intended to protect the public and environment from the hazards of lead-based paints. See Lead Enforcement Program for further information and enforcement contacts.

TSCA AHERA mandated that EPA develop regulations to respond to asbestos in schools. See Asbestos Enforcement Program for further information and enforcement contacts.

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