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Enforcement in New England

Water Enforcement Program Resources

EPA NE Water Enforcement Contacts

Denny Dart
Chief, VT NPDES State Liaison (617) 918-1850
Neil Handler
Senior Enforcement Coordinator, Drinking Water and Pretreatment (617) 918-1334
George Harding
MA NPDES State Liaison (617) 918-1870
Doug Koopman
ME NPDES State Liaison (617) 918-1747
Joy Hilton
NH NPDES State Liaison (617) 918-1877
David Turin
RI NPDES State Liaison (617) 918-1598
Andrew Spejewski
Stormwater (617) 918-1014
Joe Canzano
Spill Prevention (SPCC) (617) 918-1763
Diane Boisclair
Farms (617) 918-1762

EPA New England Resources

Assistance and Pollution Prevention
Information on assistance and pollution prevention programs

Oil Spills/SPCC Enforcement Program
Regional enforcement of federal regulations on oil spills and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans

Wetlands Enforcement Program
Regional enforcement of federal wetlands rules

Drinking Water Program
Information on what EPA NE is doing to provide safe, affordable drinking water

Charles River Initiative
EPA NE's efforts to make the river fishable and swimmable by 2005

Water Topics
Index of other water related topics

Press Releases
Recent press releases on water enforcement cases by EPA NE

Laws and Regulations

Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act
Text of the CWA and SDWA as well as collection of regulations, policies, and guidance

Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance
Enforcement and compliance policies and guidance from EPA National

General Enforcement Policies
EPA's audit, small business, and supplemental environmental project policies

EPA National Resources

Clean Water Compliance Assistance
EPA National website that provides links to documents, tools, and information for compliance assistance with environmental requirements to protect water resources

Water Enforcement
EPA National's water enforcement program

Enforcement Alert
Newsletter on important environmental enforcement issues and trends

Information on clean water programs from EPA National

Combined Sewer Overflows
Information on CSOs from EPA National

Stormwater Program
Information on stormwater discharges from EPA National

Ground Water and Drinking Water
Information on clean and safe drinking water from EPA National

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