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Enforcement and Assistance in New England

EJ and School Accomplishments

Along with the accomplishments described above, the region has assigned resources to support EPCRA and RMP work in EJ communities. One area where we have invested resources is in our schools, because of the accumulation and mismanagement of dangerous chemicals. The team has removed large quantities of unnecessary chemicals from the schools, making these schools safer for students, teachers, administrative staff and first responders who would be called in during an emergency. In Revere High School alone, the team consolidated over 60 different stock chemicals, resulting in safe storage and one-stop shopping for teachers who need chemicals. They disposed of 1,250 lbs of chemicals no longer used by students, reducing the amount of chemicals on site by 31%. More importantly, the team set up a system to keep dangerous conditions from developing again in the future. The project integrated pollution prevention with compliance and best management practices in the public school setting. During the upcoming fiscal year, the team plans on expanding the project to three additional communities. Along with the EJ schools inventory project, the EPCRA team incorporates environmental justice factors into its enforcement targeting and compliance assistance programs.

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