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Region 1: EPA New England

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To save your time and money, please browse EPA's national website as well as our EPA, New England website before submitting your request. EPA is making many documents and database reports available to the public via Internet and other sources.

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Select from the list on the left for more information on requesting copies of records in EPA, New England.

Status of My Region I FOIA Request

Open Gov
The Open Government Directive lays out the Obama Administration plan for breaking down long-standing barriers between the federal government and you. We are taking immediate, specific steps to open our doors and data by:

  • publishing government information online,
  • improving the quality of government information,
  • creating and institutionalizing a culture of open government, and
  • creating an enabling policy framework for open government.

My Property Info.
MyPropertyInfo is a single reporting tool for printing from multiple EPA databases. This tool allows Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Banks, Engineering and Environmental Consulting Firms and the public to determine if EPA databases have records on a specific property without filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The results of this search will be identical to the information you would receive by filing a FOIA request with EPA for these records.

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