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Healthcare: Press Releases


Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Settles Hazardous Waste Violations
(May 1, 2012) REG 3

EPA Orders a Stop Sale of Zep, Inc. Disinfectant for Use in Hospitals
(April 20, 2012) REG 4

Veterans Administration Medical Center in Wichita, Kan., to Pay $17,979 Civil Penalty to Settle Hazardous Waste Issues
(July 26, 2011) REG 7

EPA Issues Order to NJ Hospital Group
(January 12, 2011) REG 2

Eight Drinking Water Systems in Alaska are in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act
(August 4, 2010) REG 10

Alaska Asbestos Contractor Agrees to pay nearly $20,000 to resolve Clean Air Act Violations
(September 8, 2009) REG 10

VA Hospitals in Leavenworth and Topeka, Kan., Agree to Pay Civil Penalty and Implement Plan to Manage Hazardous Wastes
(August 18, 2009) REG 7

EPA Reaches Settlement with Nation's Largest Manufacturer of Hospital Disinfectants; Company Agrees to Pay $550,000 in Penalties
(July 31, 2009) REG 2

Alaska Federal Court Orders Safety Waste Incineration to Stop Burning Medical Waste, Pay $75,000 Penalty
(June 26, 2009) REG 10

Shawnee Mission Medical Center Agrees to Pay $83,488 to Settle Allegations of Federal Hazardous Waste Violations
(May 13, 2009) REG 7

EPA settles with Gateway Regional Medical Center on chemical inventory reporting violations
(January 20, 2009) REG 5

U.S. EPA enforcement prompts VA medical center to make changes Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center corrects federal environmental violations
(September 9, 2008) REG 9

EPA Calls Out Nation's Largest Manufacturer Of Hospital Disinfectants
(August 4, 2008) REG 2

Veterans Medical Center in Perry Point to Pay Environmental Penalty
(December 5, 2007) REG 3

EPA settles with Hospital Laundry Services and Snappy Apple Farms for chemical inventory reporting violations
(June 15, 2007) REG 5

Commonwealth Health Center to implement mercury thermometer exchange program for waste violations Facility to also pay $8,000
(March 26, 2007) REG 9

Veterans Administration to Develop Comprehensive Waste Tracking System for Medical Centers in New England - Actions Stem from EPA Enforcement in 2005
(January 24, 2007) REG 1

Hospital Demolition Violates Federal asbestos regulations
(July 10, 2006) REG 9

EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements with Nine New Jersey Institutions
(June 19, 2006) REG 2

EPA Settles Environmental Violations with Three Non-Profit Hospitals Involving Medical Waste Incinerations
(May 31, 2006) REG 3

Hospitals in Maine and New Hampshire Are First to Sign Expedited Agreement for Violations of Oil Spill Prevention Laws
(October 28, 2005) REG 1

Dana-Faber Volunteers for Comprehensive Environmental Audit
(September 23, 2005) REG 1

Vermont-Based Veterans Administration Hospital Cited & Fined for Improper Handling & Storage of Hazardous Waste
(August 5, 2005) REG 1

Caritas Christi Health Care Enters Voluntary Agreement with EPA To Audit Six Member Hospitals and Sixty Facilities For Environmental Compliance
(May 25, 2005) REG 1

UMDNJ Takes on Environmentally Beneficial Projects Under Agreement With EPA
(May 3, 2005) REG 2

EPA and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Sign Pact for Self-Audit
(April 6, 2005) REG 1

Nassau University Medical Center Settles Federal Hazardous Waste Case
(March 17, 2005) REG 2

Portsmouth Regional Hospital Voluntarily Corrects Environmental Violations
(February 14, 2005) REG 1

VA to Conduct Environmental Checkups on All of Its NY/NJ Healthcare Facilities
(December 16, 2004) REG 2

EPA and Yale New Haven Hospital Sign Pact for Self-Audit
(December 9, 2004) REG 1

EPA Fines NYC & Chief Medical Examiner for Hazardous Waste Violations
(October 29, 2004) REG 2

Pennsylvania settles air complaints at Torrance State Hospital
(September 23, 2004) REG 3

EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements Covering Fourteen New York Hospitals, Two-Thirds of the Hospitals in Greater Rochester Area
(August 25, 2004) REG 2

EPA signs Environmental Self Audit Agreement with Health and Hospital Corp of New York
(July 8, 2004) REG 2

EPA Orders Closure of Medical Waste Incinerators at Guam Memorial Hospital
(June 15, 2004) REG 9

EPA Cites Elmhurst Hospital for Hazardous Waste Violations
(June 4, 2004) REG 2

EPA Plans to Increase Enforcement of Environmental Laws at New England Hospitals
(April 13, 2004) REG 1

Department of Veterans Affairs Agrees to $133,000 Settlement For Lead Paint Disclosure Violations in Maine and Massachusetts
(April 6, 2004) REG 1

EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements With Three New York Healthcare Institutions
(March 26, 2004) REG 2

EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements With Two New Jersey Healthcare Institutions
(February 24, 2004) REG 2

EPA Signs Environmental Self-Audit Agreements With Four New York Healthcare Institutions
(February 24, 2004) REG 2

Sloan-Kettering Fined for Failure to Properly Manage Hazardous Waste
(January 27, 2004) REG 2

EPA Agrees to Montefiore Medical Center Environmental Self-Audit
(January 2, 2004) REG 2

EPA Continues Successful Enforcement Program Nationally and In Region 2
(December 11, 2003) REG 2

EPA Fines Atlantic Health System Inc. For Failure To Properly Manage Hazardous Waste
(November 25, 2003) REG 2

EPA Proposes to Fine Ponce Hospital for Illegal Discharge
(November 19, 2003) REG 2

EPA Agrees to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Environmental Self Audit
(November 17, 2003) REG 2

EPA Fines Nassau Health Care Corporation For Violating Hazardous Health Waste Regulations
(October 20, 2003) REG 2

EPA Proposes $57,000 Fine Against Department of Veterans Affairs For Lead Paint Disclosure Violations in Maine and Massachusetts
(August 19, 2003) REG 1

EPA Agrees to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Environmental Self-Audit
(August 6, 2003) REG 2

EPA Issues Complaints Against UMDNJ and Kean University for Hazardous Waste Violations
(July 17, 2003) REG 2

North Shore Pays Fines For Violating Federal Hazardous Waste Handling Rules
(June 12, 2003) REG 2

Temple University Voluntarily Self-Audits and Discloses Environmental Violations at 10 Campuses - Self Disclosure Results from EPA's Compliance Assistance Efforts with Colleges and Universities
(May 1, 2003) (includes medical facilities) REG 3

EPA Proposes $40,000 Fine Against Napa State Hospital for Oil Spill Violations
(December 12, 2002) REG 9

EPA Seeks $324K from New York Presbyterian Hospital for Violations of Lead Paint Requirements
(October 17, 2002) REG 2

EPA Cites University of Maryland Medical Systems for Environmental Violations
(July 15, 2002) REG 3

Army Settles Fuel Tank Issues at Walter Reed Medical Center
(May 16, 2002) REG 3

EPA Reaches Agreements with 14 Tank Owners
(July 9, 2001) REG 9

U.S. Settles Suit Over Asbestos Violations At Perkins Hospital - Maryland Department of General Services to Pay $20,000 Penalty
(June 24, 1999) REG 3

EPA Settles With Reading Hospital, Contractor Over Asbestos Violations
(May 12, 1999) REG 3

EPA Settles Enforcement Case with North Andover-Based Trash Incinerator; Company Agrees to Fund Mercury-Reduction Project at Area Hospitals
(April 6, 1999) REG 1

EPA Cities Army for Hazardous Waste Violations at Walter Reed Medical Center in DC
(October 16, 1998) REG 3

EPA Reaches Settlement on Cape Wetlands Case
(April 18, 1997) REG 1

VA Hospital Opts For Improved Waste Management in EPA Settlement
(April 4, 1997) REG 1


EPA Grant of $200,000 Awarded to Children's Mercy Hospital
(June 11, 2013) REG 7

EPA Honors Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for Food Recovery Efforts
(April 26, 2013) REG 1

EPA Recognizes Medical Centers and Universities for Emissions Reductions and Energy Savings
(February 20, 2013) EPA HQ

Energy Plant for Longwood Medical Center Gets EPA Energy Star Award
(February 20, 2013) REG 1

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Acknowledged for Exceptional Asthma Program
(May 1, 2012) REG 1

Mission Health in Asheville, N.C. Wins 2012 National Environmental Leadership Award
(May 1, 2012) REG 4

Rhode Island Citizens Receive Prestigious Regional EPA Environmental Awards – including Kent Hospital
(April 25, 2012) REG 1

Connecticut Citizens and Organizations Receive Prestigious Regional EPA Environmental Award, including Greenwich Hospital
(April 25, 2012) REG 1

EPA and Hackensack University Medical Center Team Up to Increase Green Practices
(February 23, 2012) REG 2

Meharry Medical College and EPA to Collaborate on Green Initiatives
(January 27, 2012) REG 4

University of Kansas Hospital to be Honored for Reducing Waste
(January 13, 2012) REG 7

EPA Updates Energy Star Tool to Support Greater Energy Efficiency in Hospitals/ Improving the energy efficiency of America's hospitals by 10 percent would save $740 million annually in energy bills
(November 7, 2011) EPA HQs

EPA and Bayonne Medical Center Team Up to Green the Hospital
(September 16, 2011) REG 2

EPA Grant to Children's Hospital to Train Healthcare Workers About Reducing Asthma Triggers
(July 29, 2010) REG 3

Two Boston Health Organizations Recognized by EPA for Leadership in Asthma Care
(June 21, 2010) REG 1

EPA Recognizes Five Organizations for Outstanding Leadership in Asthma Care
(June 17, 2010) EPA HQs

EPA Signs an Agreement with North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System to Improve Environmental Sustainability of 12 Hospitals
(April 21, 2010) REG 2

EPA awards Chicago Green Healthcare Initiative $500,000 to reduce energy use by hospitals
(March 5, 2010) REG 5

Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Medical Center Partners with EPA to Reduce Pollution
(January 15, 2010) REG 6

EPA's Trailblazer Award Honors Delaware's Christiana Care Health System
(November 19, 2009) REG 3

EPA's Trailblazer Awards Honor Six Maryland Hospitals
(November 9, 2009) REG 3

EPA's Trailblazer Awards Honor Two Philadelphia-area Hospitals
(October 23, 2009) REG 3

Stony Brook University Hospital and EPA Sign Historic Green Partnership
(August 26, 2009) REG 2

Massachusetts Citizens Receive Earth Day Honors with Prestigious Regional EPA Environmental Award
(April 21, 2009)

U.S. EPA Honors 19 Northern California Environmental Heroes
(April 16, 2009) REG 9

EPA's Trailblazer Awards Honor Four Philadelphia-area Hospitals
(October 30, 2008) REG 3

EPA Mid-Atlantic Region Honored with Award for Helping "Green" Hospitals
(May 21, 2008) REG 3

EPA Honors Four Philadelphia-area Hospitals with First Trailblazer Award
(October 17, 2007) REG 3

EPA awards over $50,000 to the Children's Medical Center of Dallas to support Asthma Management Program
(May 30, 2007) REG 6

MaineHealth Recognized by EPA for Cutting-Edge Asthma Care
(May 3, 2007)

Media Advisory: EPA briefing on abandoned medical building cleanup in Cairo, Ill., April 17, 11 a.m.
(April 12, 2007) REG 5

High-efficiency, low-emission energy plant to power children's hospital EPA recognizes groundbreaking facility
(October 17, 2006) REG 6

“Clean Diesel Hospital Zones” Launched in Metro Portland
(October 16, 2006) REG 10

Area Hospitals Commit to Healthy Environment
(May 5, 2006) REG 3

Society for Healthcare Engineering Commits to Improving Energy Efficiency in Hospitals
(July 11, 2006)

EPA Teams Up to Make Health Care Environmentally Sustainable -- New England Members of "Hospitals for a Healthy Environment" Program Receive Recognition
(June 14, 2006)

Pacific Northwest Hospitals Receive EPA Innovation Grant
(June 1, 2005) REG 10

EPA Recognizes Rocky Mountain Region Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit
(April 21, 2005) REG 8

Health Care Industry Leaders Earn Top National Awards
(April 19, 2005) REG 9

Drug Take Back Event in South Portland, Maine Encourages Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs
(February 8, 2005)

Health Care Professionals Reduce Environmental Pollution - Virginia Leads the Way in the Mid-Atlantic Region
(September 16, 2004) REG 3

EPA Awards UNH $20,000 Grant to Study Hospital 'Greening'
(July 8, 2003)

Veterans Hospitals Awarded for Superior Energy Performance
(May 14, 2003) EPA HQs

EPA Recognizes 11 New England Health Care Facilities For Environmental Efforts
(April 21, 2003)

Whitman Honors First Hospitals to Earn Energy Star Label
(November 15, 2001) EPA HQs

Three Vermont Hospitals among 47 in New England Recognized by EPA For Mercury Reduction Efforts
(April 19, 2001)

EPA Recognizes 47 New England Hospitals For Mercury Reduction Efforts, including 6 in New Hampshire
(April 19, 2001)

Thirteen Maine Hospitals among 47 in New England Recognized by EPA For Mercury Reduction Efforts
(April 19, 2001)

EPA Recognizes 47 New England Hospitals For Mercury Reduction Efforts
(April 19, 2001)

Two Rhode Island Hospitals among 47 in New England Recognized by EPA For Mercury Reduction Efforts
(April 19, 2001)

EPA Recognizes 47 New England Hospitals For Mercury Reduction Efforts; Hartford Hospital Leads Way Among Connecticut Health-Care Facilities
(April 19, 2001)

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