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Region 1: EPA New England

Displaced Federal Employees

Displaced employees requesting special priority consideration under the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP)

If you are a displaced Federal employee you may be entitled to receive special priority selection under the ICTAP. To receive this priority consideration you must:

  • Be a displaced Federal employee. You must submit a copy of the appropriate documentation (i.e. SF-50) such as a RIF separation notice, a letter from OPM or your agency documenting your priority consideration status with your application package. The following categories of candidates are considered displaced employees:
    1. Current or former career or career-conditional employees in tenure group I or II of the competitive service who:
      1. Received a specific RIF separation notice or
      2. Separated because of a compensable injury, and whose compensation has been terminated, and whose former agency certifies that it is unable to place that employee or
      3. Upon receipt of a RIF separation notice, an employee who retired on the effective date of the RIF, and can submit a Standard Form 50 that indicates" Retirement in lieu of RIF" or
      4. Were separated because they declined a transfer of function or directed reassignment to another commuting area.
    2. Former Military Reserve or National Guard Technicians who are receiving a special Office of Personnel Management (OPM) disability retirement annuity under section 8337 (h) or 8456 of Title 5 United States Code.
  • Employees eligible in these categories can apply for a position at or below the grade level of the position from which separated. The position must not have greater promotion potential than the position from which separated.

Other Requirements:

  1. Current (or last) performance rating of record of at least fully successful or equivalent. This must be submitted with the application package. (This requirement does not apply to candidates who are eligible due to compensable injury or disability retirement.)
  2. Occupy or be displaced from a position in the same local commuting area of the position available.
  3. File your application by the vacancy announcement closing date and meet all the application criteria (e.g., submit all required documentation etc.).
  4. Be rated well-qualified for the position, i.e. meet the qualification standard and eligibility requirements for the position including minimum education and experience requirements. Also must meet all quality ranking factors.

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