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EPA New England Regional Laboratory (Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation)

Biology Laboratory

Photo of tissue processing for contaminant analysis.

The Biology Laboratory is a state-of-the-art laboratory which provides a variety of biological analyses and services including:

  • Microbiology: conducting bacterial analyses to measure drinking water and surface water quality; inspection and certification of state and tribal drinking water laboratories
  • Aquatic toxicity testing: testing the toxicity of surface waters and treatment plant discharges
  • Sediment toxicity testing: testing sediments from lake and river bottoms for toxicity
  • Polymerase chain reaction: a DNA splitting process used for identifying and differentiating between likely sources of human verses non-human (ducks, beavers, etc.) bacterial pollution in surface waters
  • General biology: a main biology lab for fish processing, invertebrate identification and other assorted activities

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