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EPA New England Regional Laboratory (Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation)

Direct Push Sampling

The EPA New England Regional Laboratory is able to collect vapor, groundwater and soil samples utilizing direct push technology. Direct push refers to tools and sensors that are pushed or driven into the ground without the use of expensive bulky drilling rigs. This device can collect continuous or discrete soil cores, groundwater and soil vapor samples and can also be used to collect subsurface conductivity measurements. Sampling depths range from 0 to 60 feet depending upon soil characteristics. The equipment is relatively compact, highly mobile and can easily be used indoors or around buildings. The device also has the ability to penetrate through surface pavement, 12" or more in thickness, and collect subsurface material for analysis.


  • Concrete Drilling
  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Sampling
  • Conductivity Logging
  • Soil vapor surveys

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