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EPA New England Regional Laboratory (Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation)

Quality Management Plan

Region 1's QMP is now available online. As an online document, the QMP is flexible, easy to search, and user-friendly. The online QMP also provides additional features unique to electronic QMPs such as clickable links and roll-over tool tips. Use the left side bar or the Table of Contents below for easy navigation. Click on the link to be taken to your topic of interest.

A copy of Region 1's QMP (PDF) (76 pp, 608 K, about PDF) is available for download.

Region 1's eQMP

Click here to read more about the show/hide features, search functionality and easy navigation included in Region 1's eQMP

  • Clicking on a heading (such as you just did) implements the show/hide feature for the text under each heading. If you click the heading again, the section will collapse/expand back to its initial configuration. All sections in the full view are expanded initially except for the Table of Contents. One benefit is that this allows one to collapse the sections in which he/she is not interested and see (and print) only those that remain expanded for easier navigation of the QMP. Note: If a browser is not capable of performing this trick, the user will be redirected to the Full View version.
  • Another feature of having the QMP online is that one can search the text using their browser's search feature. For Internet Explorer, select "Edit" from the toolbar at the top of the screen and then "Find on this page..."
  • A third feature is easy navigation using the Table of Contents. Each section is linked so that when one clicks on the title, he/she is taken directly to that part of the eQMP.

Table of Contents


Section 1.0: Management and Organization

Section 2.0: Quality System Components

Section 3.0: Personnel Competence

Section 4.0: Aquisitions and Assistance Agreements

Section 5.0: Documents and Records

Section 6.0: Information Technology Support and Use

Section 7.0: Planning

Section 8.0: Implementation of Work Processes

Section 9.0: Assessment, Oversight and Response

Section 10.0: Quality Improvement

Section 11.0: References

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