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Region 1: New England

Lead Safe Yard Data: Typical Site

Lead Safe Yard Data

An urban residential lot typical of those found
in the Greater Boston LSY study site.

  • The 30' by 60' wood frame home is located on an approximate 1/8th acre lot.
  • The wood frame structure was likely constructed in the early half of the 20th century.
  • Visual evidence suggests that this house has been painted many times since its construction.
  • The house currently is sided with aluminum siding.

The color codes on the map designate average lead in soil concentrations, based on in-situ XRF measurements.

  • Note that the majority of the property falls into the yellow range (average soil concentration between 400 and 2000 ppm).
  • Higher average concentrations of lead in soil are found adjacent to the wood frame structure.
  • Small paint chips in the soil are usually associated with the highest soil lead values.
  • Although the house is covered with aluminum siding, elevated levels of lead remain in the soils adjacent to this building.


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