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Region 1: New England

Lead Safe Yard Data: The Data

This histogram represents soil lead measurements collected during the Lead Safe Yard Program's 1998 through 2000 field seasons from properties in the Greater Boston area.

  • Samples were analyzed in-situ using a field portable XRF.
  • Sampling was initiated at the dripline adjacent to the house and measurements continued away from the house until an apparent baseline was reached.
  • Two action levels are used to trigger soil lead mitigation: 400 ppm soil lead in children's play areas and 2000 ppm in 'other' areas of the yard.
  • The average concentration of all the samples (n=2784) is 1577 ppm lead.
  • Note that 81% of the data are greater than the 400 ppm lower action level and more than 20% of the data are greater than the 2000 ppm upper action level.

The EPA has recently updated the previously 'recommended' soil action levels in the Federal Register (40 CFR Part 745, Lead: Identification of Dangerous Levels of Lead: Final Rule) to the new Hazard Standards of 400 ppm lead in soil for children's play areas and 1200 ppm lead in soil for the remainder of the yard.

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