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2014 NEAEB Conference

NEAEB 2014
Instructions for Presenters & Moderators
38th Annual - March 26-28
Hilton – Burlington, VT
Hosted by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Instructions for AV Support

Your role in the session is to get each presentation up and going for the next speaker, while the moderator is introducing them. You are also there to instruct the speaker on how to advance their slides and use the laser pointer, as well as to handle any glitches that come up. An extra laptop and projector will be stationed at the registration desk in case there is a catastrophic failure of equipment during your session. Please arrive at your session a half hour before the session begins to familiarize yourself with the equipment and set up.

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Instructions for Moderators

The final agenda has been posted here (PDF) (14 pp, 984 K, about PDF), including presentation order, presenters, titles and session location. 

Please plan to arrive at your session 15-30 minutes before it starts to familiarize yourself with the layout and find the folder of materials prepared for you.  The folder contains the cards you will flash the presenters to tell them how much time they have remaining.  Be sure to sit where the presenter can see you front and center, so you will be sure to catch their eye.  Calibrate whatever time piece you are using with someone's smartphone, this way all sessions are on the same schedule and folks can move between sessions mid session.

Presenter biographies have been e-mailed to you, but will also be in the folder in the session room for you.  These bios are provided to help you introduce each speaker.

We are asking that the presenters upload their talks to NEIWPCC's FTP site. You can access presentations here as well; however the program committee will take responsibility for ensuring that talks submitted digitally are loaded on the laptop computer in your session's meeting room. It is inevitable that some presentations will be finished or edited after the deadline for digital submission. These presenters have been instructed to deliver their talk to you on a USB thumb drive. We ask that you arrive at the meeting room 15-30 minutes before the session starts to assist these presenters in loading their talks onto the laptop, and to make sure that you can find the rest of the presentations for that session. This will also give you the opportunity to make sure that all the AV gear is working properly (the laptop is communicating with the projector, etc). We are trying to recruit people to serve as “AV assistance” during the technical sessions, but ultimately the more people we have looking out for potential problems, the better.

The other (extremely) important role that you will serve is to keep your session on schedule. No presentation should be allowed to run past 25 minutes, with a five minute period for questions. We've asked presenters to plan on 20-25 minutes for their talks, with the hope that this will provide a bit of a cushion. We ask that you keep close track of time, and you will be provided with time cards to flash to the presenters (with countdown to zero ending at the 25 minute mark). The question and answer period needs to be cut off by the 30 minute total allotted time. If a presentation ends earlier than the 30 minute total allotted time, we ask that you do not start the next presentation until its designated time slot.

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Instructions for Poster Presenters

Easels, poster boards, and tacks will be provided for displaying your posters. Poster boards are 36" x 48" (standard poster size), so plan accordingly. Please plan on arriving at ECHO at 5:15pm on Wednesday March 26 to set up your poster. A NEAEB coordinator will meet you at the entrance to provide you with directions. To accommodate the student poster judging and provide opportunity for NEAEB attendees to interact with poster presenters, we ask that you be with your poster between 6 and 7pm. You are responsible for printing your poster. Students that have worked for Vermont EPSCoR may contact Katie Chang kchang@smcvt.edu for poster printing.

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20 Minute Oral Technical Talk Instructions for Presenters

Check out the currently posted agenda (PDF) (14 pp, 984 K, about PDF) to see when your talk is scheduled and who is moderating your session. Your presentations should be 20-25 minutes in length, leaving 5-10 minutes for audience questions. Please practice the timing of your presentation to ensure that it does not go longer than 25 minutes. Session moderators will be adhering to the schedule very strictly, and will have to stop your presentation at the 25 minute mark. They will have time cards to give you warnings as the end of your allotted time approaches.

To help the session moderators, and to ensure that there are no unforeseen technical problems, we are strongly encouraging you to submit your presentation digitally no later than 5pm on Monday, March 24th. This will allow us to load it onto the laptop in your meeting room before the beginning of your session, and make sure that it launches properly on that computer. To submit your presentation digitally, please upload to the folder for your Session on the NEIWPCC FTP site (instructions were sent to you via e-mail). The laptops in the meeting rooms should be able to handle typical PowerPoint presentations.

We ask that you also bring an emergency backup copy of your presentation to the meeting on a USB drive. If you are unable to upload you presentation to the FTP site by the Monday deadline, you will be responsible for delivering the presentation to your moderator on the USB drive. You can find your moderator prior to your session, or alternatively, arrive at your session at least 15 minutes before it begins to load your presentation onto the laptop.

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Instructions for SLAM Presenters

The SLAM plenary session is scheduled for Thursday March 27 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. At 1:00 the session will be introduced by Eric Howe from the Lake Champlain Basin Program and then in immediate rapid fire we will each give our five minute SLAM presentation, with no questions in between. While we are transitioning from one speaker to the next, Eric will introduce the next speaker with the bio they submitted. After Neil speaks, we all adjourn to the Adirondack ballroom, grab some refreshments and find the tables assigned to us and our topic and begin a round table dialogue with the folks who found our SLAM interesting enough to come and follow up with us about it. The session officially ends at 3 p.m., but the next session doesn't start until 3:30, so there is time for conversations to run over a half hour if the discussion is really getting interesting at that point.

We will not be assembling the presentations into one seamless PowerPoint. Instead, we will keep each presentation separate. We will however, need to load them up on the computer and put them in order prior to Thursday. Hence, please submit your final powerpoint by 6 p.m. on Tuesday March 25th. Please load them onto the NEIWPCC FTP site (instructions were e-mailed to you as an attachment).

Plan to arrive in the Green Mountain Ballroom no later than 12:45. There will be a chair near the podium with your name on it. We are asking that all SLAM presenters sit near the podium in the order in which they are going to present.

Eric Howe will moderate the session, but we also have enlisted the help of a SLAM bouncer. The SLAM bouncer is Jeremy Deeds and he will escort anyone off the podium when the 5 minute mark is hit, regardless of where they are in the talk.

A few tips on preparing a SLAM or 'Lightning Talk' are provided below.

  1. Don't plan to use more than 650 words.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. It's only 5 minutes, so you can get a few practice rounds done in short order!
  3. Don't push the boundaries of the technology at this point, keeping the ppt simple is advised, in order to avoid any ‘glitches'.
  4. For more tips see http://www.perl.com/pub/2004/07/30/lightningtalk.html Click icon for EPA disclaimer.

At least one of you has a fair amount of materials to set up at a table in the break out room in the Adirondack Ballroom. The time to do any customization of your table is over the 12 – 1 p.m. lunch break.  Otherwise, you'll be getting a nice banquet table to sit and enjoy some refreshments at while you informally chat with colleagues about the topic you spoke about.

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