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NPDES Permits in New England

Rhode Island
Final Individual Permits

To view attachments common to many permits use the "EPA Permit Forms & Attachments" link in the left hand navigation.

DWTP = Drinking Water Treatment Plant
POTW = Publicly Owned Treatment Works
SSWWD = Subsurface Wastewater Disposal
SWWDS = Surface Wastewater Disposal System
WPCA(D/F/P) = Water Pollution Control Authority (Division/Facility/Plant)
WTF(P) = Water Treatment Facility (Plant)
WWTF(P) = Wastewater Treatment Facility (Plant)

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

City - Town (Watershed) Facility Name Permit Number Date of Issuance
Ashton (Blackstone River) Okonite Company (PDF) (21 pp, 4.4 MB) RI0020141 09/29/2010
Ashway (Ashway River/Ashawog River) Ashway Line and Twine Manufacturing Company (PDF) (10 pp, 506 K) RI0021814 09/29/2010
Bradford (Pawcatuck River) Bradford Printing And Finishing LLC (PDF) (48 pp, 9.8 MB) RI0000043 05/11/2010
Bristol (Bristol Harbor) Bristol WWTF (PDF) (41 pp, 6.5 MB) RI0100005 03/18/2011
Bristol (Bristol Harbor) Bristol WWTF (PDF) (32 pp, 1.4 MB) RI0023868 06/27/2005
Central Falls (Blackstone River) OSRAM Sylvania, Inc. (PDF) (42 pp, 5.7MB K) RI0001180 08/01/2012
Coventry (Pawtuxet River) Rhodes Technologies (PDF) (24 pp, 5.8 MB) RI0023868 06/17/2009
Cranston (Furnace Hill Brook) P.J. Keating Company (PDF) (37 pp, 9.4 MB) RI0023761 07/01/2009
East Greenwich (Greenwich Cove) East Greenwich WWTF (PDF) (46 pp, 788 K) RI0100030 09/28/2011
East Greenwich (Nelson Brook) Greenwich Club, Inc. (PDF) (8 pp, 1.4 MB) RI0023434 03/21/2012
East Greenwich (Fry Brook) Stanley Black and Decker (PDF) (28 pp, 4.9 MB) RI0022942 04/03/2013
East Providence (Ten Mile River) Getty Terminals Corporation (PDF) (31 pp, 6.9 MB) RI0001651 09/13/2010
Hope Valley (Wood River) Coastal Plastics, Inc. (PDF) (25 pp, 4.3 MB) RI0022080 07/27/2011
Jamestown (Great Creek Tributary) Jamestown WTP (PDF) (30 pp, 6.3 MB) RI0001619 04/13/2012
Jamestown (Narragansett Bay) Jamestown WWTF (PDF) (34 pp, 4.5 MB) RI0100366 03/18/2011
Johnston (Dry Brook) Briarcliffe Manor (PDF) (35 pp, 7.4 MB) RI0020168 05/18/2011
Johnston (Woonasquatucket River) Metals Recycling, LLC (PDF) (26 pp, 6.1 MB) RI0023485 06/17/2009
Kenyon (Pawcatuck River) Kenyon Industries, Inc. (PDF) (138 pp, 23.1 MB) RI0000191 07/20/2010
Lincoln (Moshassuck River) Materion (PDF) (20 pp, 3.9 MB) RI0023906 08/10/2012
Little Compton (Sakonnet Harbor) Sakonnet Point Club, Inc. (PDF) (57 pp, 13.5 MB) RI0023558 01/30/2013
Little Compton (Sakonnet River) Sakonnet Point Club, Inc. (PDF) (15 pp, 3.2 MB) RI0023558 08/05/2009
Narragansett (Point Judith Pond) Dave Handrigans Seafood, Inc. (PDF) (33 pp, 1.1 MB) RI0023311 06/10/2014
Narragansett (Point Judith Pond) Seafreeze Shoreside (PDF) (34 pp, 1 MB) RI0021695 06/10/2014
Narragansett (Rhode Island Sound) Scarborough WWTF (PDF) (37 pp, 622 K) RI0100188 09/30/2011
Narragansett (Point Judith Pond) The Town Dock, Inc. (PDF) (32 pp, 1.1 MB) RI0021649 06/10/2014
Narragansett US EPA Lab Atlantic Ecology Division (PDF) (41 pp, 5.9 MB) RI0000949 09/03/2013
Newport (Narragansett Bay) Newport WPCP (PDF) (72 pp, 15.7 MB) RI0100293 09/28/2007
North Kingstown (Narragansett Bay) American Mussel Harvesters (PDF) (9 pp, 1.6 MB) RI0110094 04/22/2009
North Kingstown (West Passage of Narragansett Bay) Fox Island LLC (PDF) (23 pp, 4.9 MB) RI0023736 12/22/2010
North Kingstown (Hatchery Brook/Goose Neck Brook) Lafayette Trout Hatchery (PDF) (22 pp, 1.1 MB) RI0110035 09/29/2010
North Kingstown (Hunt River) Precision Park (PDF) (35 pp, 7.6 MB) RI0000051 07/07/2010
North Kingstown (Narragansett Bay) Quonset WWTF (PDF) (34 pp, 7 MB) RI0100404 01/13/2012
North Kingstown (Rhode Island Sound) South Kingstown Regional WWTP (PDF) (42 pp, 6.7 MB) RI0100374 01/13/2012
North Smithsfield (Branch River) ATP Manufacturing (PDF) (8 pp, 324 K) RI0000566 08/29/2005
Oakland (Clear River) Burrillville Sewer Commission (PDF) (66 pp, 12.9 MB) RI0100455 03/29/2012
Pawtucket (Abbott Run Brook Tributary to the Blackstone River) Pawtucket WTP (PDF) (37 pp, 8.6 MB) RI0001589 04/12/2012
Pawtucket (Moshassuck River) Pawtucket Power Associates LP (PDF) (25 pp, 5.3 MB) RI0021741 05/11/2010
Portsmouth (Lawton Brook Tributary to Narragansett Bay) Lawton Valley WTP (PDF) (33 pp, 6.9 MB) RI0021784 04/20/2012
Providence (Seekonk River) Bucklin Point WWTF (PDF) (7 pp, 1.5 MB) RI0100072 04/26/2004
Providence (Seekonk River) Fields Point WWTF (PDF) (7 pp, 1.6 MB) RI0100072 04/26/2004
Providence (Providence River) Brown University (PDF) (28 pp, 4.8 MB) RI0023892 / RIG85C003 07/27/2012
Providence (West River) Home Depot (PDF) (11 pp, 2.4 MB) RI0023574 03/23/2012
Providence (Providence River) Lehigh Northeast Cement Company (PDF) (25 pp, 4.1 MB) RI0001643 12/17/2010
Providence (Providence River) Narragansett Electric Company (PDF) (23 pp, 668 K) RI0000434 09/19/1991
Providence (Providence River) New England Petroleum Terminal, LLC (PDF) (29 pp, 7.4 MB) RI0023817 01/13/2009
Providence (Providence River) Rhode Island Department of Transportation (PDF) (12 pp, 59 K) RI0023795 11/30/2007
Providence (Providence River) RI Department of Transportation (PDF) (13 pp, 614 K) RI0023774 01/27/2006
Providence (Providence River) RI Department of Transportation (PDF) (12 pp, 574 K) RI0023698 08/29/2005
Riverside (Providence River) ExxonMobil Oil Corp. (PDF) (51 pp, 1.5 MB) RI0001333 09/30/2008
Scituate (Cork Brook) Chopmist Hill Xtramart (PDF) (26 pp, 5 MB) RI0023191 05/11/2010
Sciutate (Pawtuxet River) P.J. Holton WTP (PDF) (33 pp, 7.5 MB) RI0021601 04/13/2012
Scituate (Pawtuxet River - North Branch) P.J. Holton WTP (PDF) (10 pp, 2.3 MB) RI0021601 04/22/2009
Smithfield (Woonasquatucket River) Smithfield WWTP (MOD), Town of (PDF) (7 pp, 1.3 MB) RI0100251 06/12/2009
Statewide (All waterbodies surrounding the state) State of Rhode Island Multi-Sector General Permit (PDF) (134 pp, 539 K) RIR500000 08/15/2013
Warren (Warren River) Blount Seafood Corporation (PDF) (35 pp, 7.9 MB) RI0001121 09/30/2010
Warren (Warren River) Blount Seafood Corporation (PDF) (21 pp, 386 K) RI0001121 02/10/2003
Warren (Warren River) Warren WWTF (PDF) (44 pp, 10 MB) RI0100056 09/30/2010
Warren (Warren River) Warren WWTF (PDF) (33 pp, 500 K) RI0100056 09/30/2002
Warwick (Greenwich Cove) Greenwich Mills, LLC (PDF) (20 pp, 3.8 MB) RI0023639 08/05/2009
Warwick (Pawtuxet River) Sears, Roebuck and Company (PDF) (29 pp, 6.9 MB) RI0023302 04/03/2013
Warwick (Tuscatucket Brook) Strawberry Field Estates, Inc. (PDF) (15 pp, 3.4 MB) RI0023604 06/17/2009
Warwick (Warwick Pond, Buckeye Brook & Tuscatucket Brook) T.F. Green Airport (PDF) (72 pp, 18.2 MB) RI0021598 07/30/2012
Warwick (Pawtuxet River) Warwick Mall (PDF) (20 pp, 5.1 MB) RI0023175 08/24/2012
Woonsocket (Blackstone River) Woonsocket Wastewater Commission (PDF) (33 pp, 1.1 MB) RI0100111 09/18/2008

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