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NPDES Permits in New England

Remediation & Miscellaneous Contaminated Sites General Permit (RGP)

2010 Final Remediation General Permit

The Notice of Availability of the final Remediation General Permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for discharges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (including both Commonwealth and Indian country lands) (MAG910000) and the State of New Hampshire (NHG910000) was published in the Federal Register on September 9, 2010. This general permit, referred to as the 2010 Remediation General Permit (RGP), is effective on September 10, 2010, and replaces the 2005 RGP.

Operators that applied and received coverage under the 2005 RGP must do one of the following:

  1. re-apply for coverage by submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) to EPA by December 9, 2010 (no later than 90 days after the effective date of the 2010 RGP);
  2. submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) to EPA by December 9, 2010; or
  3. apply for an individual permit. (If you apply for an individual permit, you are not likely to have continuous permit coverage during the processes of application review, public notice and final issuance.)

For facility operators who have not previously filed a NPDES application for coverage under an individual permit or who have never submitted a NOI under the 2005 RGP, follow the Application and Notice of Intent procedures in Part I.B of the 2010 RGP.

The 2010 final general permit continues the requirements of the previous permit, with some changes and clarifications. A summary of major changes is available on this webpage under "Helpful Information and Links".

In reaching a final decision on the permit, EPA responded to all significant comments. The responses are available to the public and are posted on this website under "Fact Sheet and Response to Public Comments".

Notice of Intents (NOIs) and Notice of Terminations (NOTs) may be sent via USPS, email, or fax to EPA at: EPA-Region 1, 5 Post Office Square, Mail Code OEP06-4, Boston, Massachusetts, 02109-3912; email address NPDES.Generalpermits@epa.gov; or fax number (617) 918-0505. Notification information shall be submitted to the appropriate State agency at the addresses listed at Appendix V of the General Permit.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Corrections to the RGP 2010 - Immediately effective

Changes have been made to the RGP 2010 to correct errors.
The following corrections were made. These corrections are reflected in the appropriate appendices.

  • Appendix III - The effluent limit for Benzene was omitted. The effluent limit for benzene in 5 ug/l.
  • Appendix VI - The test method for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons was incorrect. The correct test method is Method 1664A.

These errors are hereby disseminated as a "Minor Modification" to the RGP document based on 40 CFR Section 122.63 of permits. Minor errors are corrected without following the procedures of Part 124 which requires a formal public notice review as required in Section 122.62.

Final Permit

Fact Sheet and Response to Public Comments

2005 Remediation General Permit

EPA Contacts

Primary contact - Victor Alvarez (alvarez.victor@epa.gov or 617-918-1572)
Secondary contact - George Papadopoulos (papadopoulos.george@epa.gov or 617-918-1579)

Notices of Intent

Notices of Intent (NOI) will be posted on this page for a minimum of seven days after EPA receives them. Please contact Shelly Puleo (puleo.shelly@epa.gov or 617-918-1545) if you have any questions regarding NOIs. See the table below for a chronological listing of NOIs. Older NOIs are listed in the Remediation General Permit (RGP) NOI archive.

Date Posted / Updated Date Issued Permit No. Date Terminated Town/City, State Site/Address
05/21/2015   MAG910685   Walpole, MA Cumberland Farms Inc # 2052 (PDF) (54 pp, 4.7 MB)
05/15/2015 05/15/2015 MAG910682   Boston, MA Station 315 (PDF) (55 pp, 4.5 MB)
05/15/2015 05/14/2015 MAG910681   Dartmouth, MA Cumberland Farms Inc. #2094 (PDF) (84 pp, 6.8 MB)
05/13/2015 05/13/2015 MAG910680   Boston, MA 1350 Boylston (PDF) (135 pp, 5.6 MB)
05/12/2015   MAG910684   Salem, MA Salem Lateral Project at Salem Harbor Station (PDF) (135 pp, 5.8 MB)
05/12/2015   MAG910683   Waltham, MA Station 282 (PDF) (99 pp, 7.9 MB)
05/08/2015 05/07/2015 MAG910679   Waltham, MA 42 Felton Street (PDF) (78 pp, 4.8 MB)
04/29/2015 04/27/2015 MAG910678   Boston, MA 333 Summer Street (PDF) (92 pp, 11 MB)
04/16/2015 04/16/2015 NHG910068   Milan, NH Groveton Wastewater Lagoons (PDF) (78 pp, 7.7 MB)
04/09/2015 04/09/2015 MAG910674   Charlestown, MA Boston National Historic Park (PDF) (36 pp, 4.9 MB)
04/06/2015 04/03/2015 MAG910673   Somerville, MA Green Line Extension: Washington Street Pump Station (PDF) (155 pp, 7.8 MB)
04/03/2015 04/01/2015 MAG910671   Somerville, MA Green Line Extension: Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility Access Road (PDF) (219 pp, 7.7 MB)
04/01/2015   MAG910677   Southbridge, MA CFI Southbridge #MA8035 (PDF) (104 pp, 4.7 MB)
04/01/2015 04/01/2015 MAG910672   Milford, MA McDonald's Restaurant (PDF) (96 pp, 8.9 MB)
03/31/2015   MAG910676   Waltham, MA Waltham Mobil #1464 (PDF) (70 pp, 2.7 MB)
03/30/2015 03/27/2015 MAG910022   Mansfield, MA Textron Inc., Former Gorham Silver Site (PDF) (26 pp, 4.7 MB)
03/30/2015   MAG910675   Raynham, MA Speedway #2478 (PDF) (97 pp, 2.3 MB)
03/26/2015 03/25/2015 MAG910668   Cambridge, MA Harvard Kennedy School (PDF) (171 pp, 9.7 MB)
03/26/2015 03/25/2015 MAG910670   Cambridge, MA MIT CUP and Area 5 (PDF) (185 pp, 8.3 MB)
03/24/2015 03/24/2015 MAG910669   Boston, MA Landmark Center (PDF) (259 pp, 14.3 MB)
03/13/2015 03/12/2015 NHG910069   Nashua, NH Broad Street Parkway South (PDF) (76 pp, 6.2 MB)
03/12/2015 03/09/2015 MAG910667   Quincy, MA 18 Swan Road (PDF) (60 pp, 4.9 MB)
03/10/2015 03/06/2015 MAG910665   Newton, MA 111 Elm Street (PDF) (102 pp, 21.5 MB)
03/10/2015 03/06/2015 MAG910666   Medford, MA Tufts University Central Energy Plant (PDF) (51 pp, 3.7 MB)
03/04/2015 03/04/2015 MAG910664   Boston, MA The Point (PDF) (106 pp, 14.1 MB)
02/26/2015 02/26/2015 MAG910663   Cambridge, MA MIT Area 1 (PDF) (175 pp, 8 MB)
02/25/2015 02/24/2015 MAG910662   Boston, MA Seaport Square Parcel J (PDF) (163 pp, 9.7 MB)
02/19/2015 02/19/2015 MAG910660   Medford, MA Medford Mews (PDF) (133 pp, 6.1 MB)
02/19/2015 02/19/2015 MAG910659   Chartley, MA Sinclair Manufacturing Company (PDF) (73 pp, 8.5 MB)
02/12/2015   MAG910661   Boston, MA Eliot Upper School (PDF) (11 pp, 4.9 MB)
01/30/2015 01/29/2015 MAG910658   South Boston, MA Patriot Homes (PDF) (73 pp, 5.1 MB)
01/30/2015 01/26/2015 MAG910657   Cambridge, MA 130 and 150 Cambridgepark Drive (PDF) (127 pp, 7.7 MB)
01/30/2015 01/26/2015 MAG910656   Brighton, MA Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center (PDF) (69 pp, 4.9 MB)
01/26/2015 01/22/2015 MAG910654   East Boston, MA 6 New Street (PDF) (132 pp, 6.8 MB)
01/20/2015 01/20/2015 MAG910655   North Reading, MA Speedway Station #2418 (PDF) (59 pp, 4.8 MB)
01/15/2015 01/15/2015 MAG910652   Medford, MA 85 Station Landing Lot 44-5B (PDF) (71 pp, 4.3 MB)
01/15/2015 01/15/2015 MAG910653   Boston, MA 900 Beacon Street (PDF) (128 pp, 10.6 MB)
01/14/2015 01/13/2015 MAG910651   Attleboro, MA Riverfront Drive (PDF) (46 pp, 4.5 MB)

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