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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Underground Storage Tank Program

Have you checked your oil tank today?EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) regulates underground storage tank (UST) systems and provides for cleanup of leaking USTs. In 1984 Congress directed the U.S. EPA to develop regulatory requirements to address the threat to groundwater from leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs). EPA developed and is implementing regulations which guide UST owners and operators to take appropriate measures to prevent releases, detect releases early should they occur, and clean up releases when they do occur. The federal regulations that went into effect in December 1988, delegated UST regulatory authority to approved state programs. States with approved programs operate in lieu of the federal regulations. From the program's beginning, Region 1 supported its state partners and helped them achieve approval to run their own state UST programs, and between 1991 and 1995 all six states received approval. As a result, Region 1 and its state partners have made significant progress in protecting New England's groundwater by ensuring that more than 83,000 substandard USTs are no longer actively used. However, significant work remains to ensure that the remaining 30,000 active USTs are operated properly and do not contaminate soil and groundwater. If you are interested in obtaining information regarding state requirements for USTs, the following are links to the UST Regulatory, LUST Cleanup and State Fund Programs in New England.

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U.S. EPA - New England
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code: [insert from table below]
Boston, MA 02109-3912

EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks Program Contacts
UST/LUST Managers
Program Person Phone:
(617) 918
Mail Code: E-mail
Office of Site Remediation and Restoration James T. Owens, Director -1201 OSRR07-5 owens.james@epa.gov
Office of Site Remediation and Restoration Nancy Barmakian, Deputy Director -1202 OSRR07-5 barmakian.nancy@epa.gov
Remediation and Restoration II Branch Mary Sanderson, Chief -1381 OSRR07-2 sanderson.mary@epa.gov
RCRA Hazardous Waste Management and UST Section Beth Deabay -1081 OSRR07-1 deabay.beth@epa.gov
Regional Program Manager Stuart Gray -1302 OSRR07-1 gray.stuart@epa.gov
State Officers
State Person Phone
(617) 918
Mail Code: E-mail
Connecticut Claire Willscher -1794 OSRR07-1 willscher.claire@epa.gov
Maine Kim Schweisberg -1307 OSRR07-1 schweisberg.kim@epa.gov
Massachusetts Stuart Gray -1302 OSRR07-1 gray.stuart@epa.gov
New Hampshire Susan Hanamoto -1219 OSRR07-1 hanamoto.susan@epa.gov
Rhode Island Shri Parikh -1558 OSRR07-1 parikh.shri@epa.gov
Vermont Joan Coyle -1303 OSRR07-1 coyle.joan@epa.gov
Other Contacts
Program Person Phone
(617) 918
Mail Code: E-mail
Reporting, Information, Grants Andrea Beland -1313 OSRR01-5 beland.andrea@epa.gov
Regional Counsel Jeff Fowley -1094 ORA18-1 fowley.jeff@epa.gov

State Website Links




New Hampshire

Rhode Island


Information pertaining to national program priorities, technical requirements, publications, etc., is available on OUSTs website.

Information on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 for LUST cleanups

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