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Region 1: EPA New England

2009 Environmental Education Grants

Connecticut | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | Vermont


Housatonice Valley Association
Grant Amount: $11,851
150 Kent Road, PO Box 28
Litchfield, CT 06754

The public is educated through workshops and tours of the Housatonic River on water quality and protection, wetlands and land use around the river, water conservation, non-point source pollution, and the health and history of this river. Activities include six guided river tours that are adult and family friendly and a series of five educational workshops aimed at adults. Students in the Berkshire County are also educated on the various environmental aspects of the river.

Surprise Lake Camp
Grant Amount: $22,199
301 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10001*

The Teva Learning Center offers a Bring it Back to Our School program which is being expanded to educate middle school aged students on ecological and environmental issues at congregations. The project is a broad environment program where students make the commitment to become better stewards of their environment. The program can include waste reduction programs, energy audits, school gardens, compost bins, elimination of plastic ware and paper products from lunchrooms, and paper reduction initiative. While students are educated on a variety of environmental issues they are encouraged to use their knowledge at home and in their community.

*While the applicant is from NY, all the work is being conducted in CT and considered a CT grant application.

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Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
Grant Amount: $45,730
PO Boxt 35, Old Bar Harbor Road
Salisbury Cove, ME 04672

This project creates an Ecologist-In-Residence program in 5 Mount Desert Island elementary schools. After working with the elementary school staff to narrow the goals and objective of this program, a staff person spends one full week in each of the schools educating the students on the eel grass restoration project. This project creates a classroom-based environmental education program on eelgrass growth and the reproduction rates in a closed aquarium system. This staff person also conducts follow up visits. This staff person also educates 6th & 7th graders on marine ecology, eelgrass ecosystems, surveying organisms associated with the eelgrass, and marine conservation efforts. The middle school aged students are creating a Student Summit to demonstrate their knowledge.

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Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.
Grant Amount: $14,810
208 South Great Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

Partnering with Groundwork Lawrence, teens create the Green Team to undertake assessments of the Spicket River and adjacent green areas in Lawrence by identifying plants, animals and urban ecology. Students document the ecological values of seven sites along the river, review the information to create a Natural Resource Management Plan for the river and present the information to local stakeholders and the community.

Nashua River Watershed Association
Grant Amount: $10,313
592 Main Street
Groton, MA 01450

Students in 5th grade study their local ecosystems through hands-on projects to identify invasive species, to participate in a range of methods to control purple loosestrife, and to develop through critical thinking ideas on the most successful way to improve wildlife habitat. Students learn about healthy ecosystems and use math, science, and English as a way of incorporating their knowledge through cross curriculum. A Debate Forum is held for the students to exchange their knowledge.

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New Hampshire

Hopkinton Independent School
Grant Amount: $9,589
20 Beech Hill Road
Hopkinton, NH 03229

This project educates students in preK-8th grade on sustainable food systems through their school lunch program and a local farm. The sustainable food systems program includes a diverse crop variety. Students are introduced to a wider variety of fresh local produce and the hands-on working knowledge of vegetable production.

Kimball Union Academy
Grant Amount: $15,005
57 Main Street
Meridan, NH 03770

The New Hampshire Natural Leader Program is a high school education and leadership development program designed to provide knowledge on the environment and conservations concepts in their community, to instill a greater understanding of the natural world and humans impact on it, to expose participants to potential career opportunities in the environmental and conservation fields, and to develop a sense of stewardship to their environment with students in 9-11th grade. The program begins with a summer two-week-long experience, predominantly in an outdoor setting, followed by a series of events, each with a different environmental topic, throughout the remainder of the year.

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Rhode Island

Southside, Community Land Trust
Grant Amount: $33,453
109 Somerset Street
Providence, RI 02907

The Urban Agriculture: A Living Laboratory for Environmental Education program educates elementary school and college students through analysis of the ecosystems of three urban food gardens. Focusing on a ¾ acre farm in a city’s neighborhood and 2 gardens at local schools in the city, participants learn about the pollution threats in the urban setting and sustainable methods of mitigating those threats. Trained scientists lead this educational effort as students assess how these 3 food gardens contribute to the health of the city. This program assesses the contributions gardens make to the health of the urban environment, identifies steps to enhance gardens’ positive environmental impact and their importance of protecting the biodiversity of the city.

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Nature Conservancy
Grant Amount: $25,050
27 State Street, Suite 4
Montpelier, VT 05602

Wise on Weeds! is a program for the community and youth to educate them on the ecological and economic threat of invasive species; educate landowners of management options to prevent and control the spread of invasive species, and educate the youth with hands-on conservation projects and potential career opportunities in the future

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