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Region 1: EPA New England

Annual Award Nomination Form

Nominate an individual, business, government agency, not-for-profit, professional association, or college/university whose work on behalf of the environment during the past year is worthy of recognition.

  • Please complete a nomination form along with a one-page summary of accomplishments completed during the past year, which address the criteria listed below. Supporting materials such as news clips and testimonials are accepted. All nominated will be evaluated based on the information provided (please be as specific as possible).
  • EPA will take into account the following criteria when selected annual Environmental Merit Award recipients:
    • Defining the environmental problem or need
    • Efforts taken to address the environmental problem or need
    • Accomplishment of stated goals
    • Measurable and lasting public health or environmental benefits.
    • Collaboration with others
    • Promotion of innovative ideas or approaches
    • Ability of the program/activity to be replicated or widely shared
    • Clarity and effectiveness of the presentation.

Open: Now through Feb. 6, 2015
EMA Ceremony: mid-late April at historic Faneuil Hall

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