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Students & Teachers in New England


  • EPA Environmental Education Grant Program and Summaries of New England Projects
  • EPA Education Grant Program & Summaries
  • Additional Funding Sources:
    • Grants.gov
      All federal grant opportunities available on this site
    • National Environmental Education and Training Foundation Exit EPA. Click for disclaimer. 
      This foundation makes challenge grants using funding from the National Environmental Education Act and other sources, to encourage innovative activities and programs in environmental education. Their aim is to use the federal funds to leverage non-federal investment and seek to match each federal dollar with at least two non-federal dollars.
    • The Foundation Center Exit EPA. Click for disclaimer. 
      This center maintains libraries in each New England state as well as most other states in the U.S. of funding resources. The Foundation Center can inform you of the libraries close to your home that maintain collections of Foundation Center materials. To do your own research for potential grant providers, we highly recommend that you contact:

      The Foundation Center
      79 Fifth Avenue
      New York, NY 10003-3050
      (212) 620-4230


      The Foundation Center
      1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 938
      Washington, DC 20036
      (202) 331-1400

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