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Students & Teachers in New England

Teacher Resource Center

Welcome to EPA Region 1 Teacher's Resource Center! We have chosen quality environmental education curricula based upon criteria such as subject matter, discussion, organization, usability, presentation and availability on the web. Our attempt was to highlight environmental activity guides produced by or in cooperation with EPA. In addition we have linked to or referenced other sites and resources that may be particularly useful to New England educators. For more information on how materials were selected for inclusion, contact Kristen Conroy (conroy.kristen@epa.gov or (617) 918-1069), EPA Region I, Environmental Education Coordinator.

To obtain information on Children's Environmental Health visit the Children's Health Protection in New England website.

Teachers Heading

Wetlands, Ground Water, Marine Debris, Waste, Air Quality

Earth Artists Program
Annual Paul G. Keough Earth Artists Program for students in kindergarten through grade 6

Contact us before your next event or to bring an environmental expert into your classroom!

New England State Directories
Directories of state environmental offices, science/nature centers, museums and arboreta

Regional/National Programs
This system, requested by teachers, was created by EPA Region 1 to provide an easy way for K-12 New England educators to dialogue with each other

Click here for EPA and other environmental education grant opportunities

EPA's National Teacher Resources Page
Welcome to the EPA's Environmental Education Center!

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