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  1. Center for Environmental Education Exit EPA. Click for disclaimer. 
    The Center for Environmental Education, housed at Antioch New England graduate school, is a national clearing house of environmental education resources and programs. It seeks to integrate all aspects of the K-12 curriculum using the environment as a unifying theme.
  2. EELink Exit EPA. Click for disclaimer. 
    EELink is an on-line resource specifically designed for environmental educators. EELink connects users to the Internet and dozens of on-line environmental education resources.
  3. Toxics Release Inventory
    This site contains actual data on types and quantities of toxic substances released to the environment. The inventory can be searched by chemical, region or town. This material provides real data that students can use to reinforce lesson objectives.
  4. Surf Your Watershed
    This site offers a service to help you locate, use, and share environmental information on your watershed or community.
  5. Envirolink Exit EPA. Click for disclaimer. 
    EnviroLink is the largest on-line environmental information resources and is one of the world's largest environmental information clearinghouses. EnviroLink is committed to promoting a sustainable society by connecting individuals and organizations through new communications technologies. This site contains a comprehensive listing of all environmental organizations on the Internet.

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