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Emergency Response Preparedness

Preparedness activities are oriented primarily around the Oil Pollution Prevention inspection program, conducting unannounced exercises in oil storage facilities, and conducting and participating in facility and area response exercises. As a result of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90), unannounced exercises may be conducted at oil storage facilities that pose a significant risk for substantial harm to the environment. In addition, these facilities are required to conduct table top and equipment deployment exercises. These exercises, involving several agencies of local, state, and Federal government (Response Teams), as well as private organizations, are conducted to assure a unified and coordinated approach to protecting public health, welfare, and the environment. These exercises may include significant national issues, such as terrorism, or the need for international cooperation.

  • International cooperation is illustrated in the development of the Canada-United States Joint Inland Pollution Contingency Plan, which provides for an international coordination mechanism to ensure appropriate and effective cooperative preparedness, reporting, and response measures between Canada and the United States when a chemical accident occurs along the shared inland boundaries.
  • Another example of Emergency Response preparedness is Propane 2000, a mock emergency response exercise sponsored by Frazer Paper and the Madawaska, Maine Fire Department (FD). This exercise included emergency response teams from EPA's contractors, Madawaska, Maine and Edmonston New Brunswick Fire Departments, and Frazier Paper. As part of the exercise, these teams entered a hazardous substance storage area in Level A protection (fully-encapsulated suits, the highest level of protection for emergency responders). Other activities included evacuation of a 600 student school, closing of U.S. Rte 1 (Main Street), closure of the International Bridge, dealing with 40 casualties, and participation by businesses in simulated evacuations.

    photograph of Propane 2000 participants    photograph of Propane 2000

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