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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Landmark Farm and Garden

North Haven, Connecticut
Funding and Contacts

Contamination Discovered
Pesticide/herbicide debris
Pesticide and herbicide debris.
Cleanup Begins
Demolition Begins
Building demolition: front view.
Final Stages of Cleanup
Demolition continues
Building demolition: side view.

In just 18 months, the .91 acre Landmark Farm and Garden site in North Haven, Connecticut, went from an herbicide/pesticide packaging facility to a lot primed for redevelopment. Prior to cleanup activities, exorbitant amounts of pesticide contaminated dust as well as hundreds of bags of pesticide and herbicide products could be found throughout the site's 10,000 square foot wooden building. EPA spent six months consolidating and packaging herbicides and pesticides, vacuuming up dust from the products, and dismantling interior contaminated wood and machinery. When the dust cleared, EPA had disposed of 79 drums filled with pesticide, 57 assorted sized labpack drums (packaging units designed to ship different materials from the same hazard class), and 640 yards of wood.

EPA was reimbursed by Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) identified during the course of the cleanup action for the majority of cleanup costs incurred. PRPs were tasked with performing a controlled demolition of the building once EPA determined that decontamination would be next to impossible. PRPs also hired contractors to excavate the pesticide contaminated soil alongside and underneath the facility. Today, all cleanup activities have been completed.

Amount EPA spent on cleanup:

EPA Contact: Gary Lipson (lipson.gary@epa.gov)
Cleanup completed as of 12/28/98

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