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Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England

Atlas Tack Corporation Superfund Site
Weekly Demolition/Cleanup Activities Update

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Projected Work for July 11 -- July 15

  • Complete mobilization of demolition equipment
  • Complete window-caulking removal on 3-story building
  • Continue removal of coating on brick interior and exterior walls
  • Construction of decontamination pad and culvert protection system
  • Begin removal of windows and window-caulking in the boiler building
  • Begin demolition of the 3-story building

Activities for the Week of July 5 -- July 8

  • Continue to remove windows and window caulking in 3-story building
  • Begin removal of coating on brick on exterior of 3-story building (West side)
  • Continue removal of coating on brick exterior and interior surfaces
  • Mobilization of temporary storage trailers
  • 11,000 gallons of water delivered & stored on site
  • Establish control points & survey site features
  • Begin mobilization of heavy equipment for demolition

Air Monitoring Information

Background Sampling - Charter Environmental conducted background air sampling at four monitoring stations for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). No compounds were detected in the air. The sampling stations are located at the site gate on Pleasant Street, along the site fence abutting Church Street, at the site gate along the bike path near Tripp Street and along the bike path near Adams Street. These locations were chosen based on the direction of prevailing winds, location of residential areas and location of work areas on the site. These stations may change location if for instance the wind direction changes. Sampling in the nearby neighborhoods will also be conducted.

Dust Particulate Sampling -- Dust particulate sampling is done at the four monitoring stations in "real-time" meaning the monitoring device continuously detects particulate presence for the 8-hour work period. Readings are made every hour and recorded in a log. Results for all monitoring stations and in the work zone show that the concentrations of particulate matter were well below the level at which EPA deems unsafe.

Asbestos Sampling -- Asbestos sampling is conducted in real-time as well. Sampling within the exclusion zone or immediate work zone is also done continuously to protect the worker's safety. Results also show that the concentrations of asbestos fibers at all locations were well below the established unsafe level.

Results for this sampling will be posted on this website and at Town Hall shortly.

Hazardous Materials Survey Results

In June, a survey was conducted to determine the types and amounts of hazardous materials located at the site. The survey was done in the 3-story building, the boiler building and in the area of the remaining slab where the former one story building was located. Each area was surveyed to determine the presence of the flowing materials:




Location Of Sample


PCB light ballasts Yes No, assumed PCB present Both buildings Off-site
Fluorescent bulbs Yes No Both buildings Off-site
Small containers


No, identified by labels

Both Buildings

Mercury No N/A N/A N/A
Plating Waste Yes Yes Plating pits, acid trench Off-site
Asbestos Yes Yes Both buildings, soil on ground Off-site
Oil in fuel tank Not Av Yes Fuel tank  
Water in cistern     Water reservoir (cistern)  
Soil under transformer pad Not Av Yes Next to boiler bldg  
Sludge in piping system Not Av Yes Under concrete slab  

N/A -- not applicable

Not Av -- Results not available until next week

More detailed results of this survey will also be posted on this website and at Town Hall.

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