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Table of Contents:

1 Quality System Foundation
  1.1 Mission
  1.2 Quality Assurance Policy
  1.3 Regional Organization and QA Responsibilities
  1.4 Quality System Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
    1.4.1 Regional Administrator/Deputy Regional Administrator (RA/DRA)
    1.4.2 Regional Quality Assurance Manager (RQAM) Organization Structure and Management Support Planning and Documentation Resource Planning and Management Product Development and Oversight Training Internal/External Oversight, Communications and Outreach Program Evaluation and Assessment Collaboration Innovation and Continuous Improvement Performance Deliverables
    1.4.3 Office Directors/Regional Program Managers
    1.4.4 Project Officers (POs), Contract Officer representatives (CORs) and Project Managers (PMs)
    1.4.5 Quality Assurance Staff (QAS) Team
    1.4.6 Quality Assurance Coordinators (QACs)
    1.4.7 Technical Specialists
    1.4.8 Assessors
  1.5 Resources to Support the Quality System (QS)
  1.6 Independence of the Regional QA Manager
  1.7 Dispute Resolution
2 Quality System Components
  2.1 Program Quality System Tools
    2.1.1 Quality Assurance Management Plan (QMP)
    2.1.2 QA Annual Report and Work Plan (QAARWP)
    2.1.3 Quality System Assessments
    2.1.4 Project Quality System Tools Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Generic QA Project Plans Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Data Quality Assessment Data Verification and Validation Technical System Review/Audit (TSR/TSA)
  2.2 Information Quality Guidelines
    2.2.1 R10 Office Review Procedures
    2.2.2 Types of IQG Review Processes, Roles, and Responsibilities Author's Review Management Review
    2.2.3 Other Regional Review Processes that Are Considered Equivalent to PDR Informal External Reviews Formal Peer Review Quality Assurance Review R10 Product Review and Web Site Policy Standard Operating Procedures
    2.2.4 Documentation
    2.2.5 Distributing Non-EPA Information and Use of Disclaimers
3 Personnel Qualifications and Training
  3.1 Technical Proficiency and Quality Requirements at the Organization, Program, and Project Levels
  3.2 Technical Training
  3.3 Professional Development Training
  3.4 Responsibility for Providing Regional QA Training
  3.5 Identification of Training Needs
  3.6 QAS and Technical Specialists' QA Training
  3.7 Regional QA Training
  3.8 Assessors' Qualifications And Training
  3.9 Documentation of Training
  3.10 Access to QA Information
4 Procurement of Items and Services
  4.1 Procurement Activities
    4.1.1 Contracts Involving Environmental Data Collection Activities
    4.1.2 Grants and Financial Assistance Agreements Involving Data Collection Activities
  4.2 Procurement - Oversight of Quality
    4.2.1 COR's Responsibilities
    4.2.2 RQAM Responsibilities or Authorized Representative
5 Document and Records
  5.1 Quality Related Documents and Records
  5.2 Region 10 QA Tracking System
  5.3 RSCC Electronic Tracking System
  5.4 QA Document Review Tracking System
  5.5 ASB CLP Tracking Systems
  5.6 Sample Documentation
    5.6.1 Sample Numbers
    5.6.2 FORMS II Lite
    5.6.3 MEL Sample Traffic Report/Chain-of Custody (TR/COC) Form
    5.6.4 Sample Tags and Custody Seals
    5.6.5 Control of QA Guidance Documents
6 Computer Hardware and Software
  6.1 IRU Roles and Responsibilities
  6.2 Regional Information Management Systems
  6.3 Hardware and Software Requirements
  6.4 Data Standards
7 Quality Planning
  7.1 Management of Systematic Planning
  7.2 Systematic Planning Process
  7.3 Use of Existing Data
8 Implementation of Work Processes
  8.1 RQAM Workflow and Tracking Process
  8.2 When is a QAPP Required?
  8.3 QAPP/QMP Review Process
9 Assessment and Response
  9.1 Assessment Procedures
  9.2 Assessment Programs
    9.2.1 Superfund's Contract Laboratory Assessment Program
    9.2.2 NELAP Certifications/Re-certification Assessments
    9.2.3 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Accreditation Program
  9.3 Response Procedures
  9.4 Corrective Actions
  9.5 Quality Improvement Process
  9.6 Effective QSRs and TSRs Conducted by RQAM
  9.7 QSRs Conducted by Quality Staff (OEI)

List of Figures:

Figure 1 - Region 10 Organizational Charts
Figure 2 - OEA Organizational Chart
Figure 3 - RQAM Workflow and Tracking Processes
Figure 4 - QA Document Review Process

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