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Helicopter Monitoring Program

"CEPA's "Coastal Crudader" Helicopteroastal Crusader" Helicopter

The "Coastal Crusader" surveys the waters of the New York/New Jersey Harbor, looking for "slicks" of floating debris that could wash up on area beaches. Information is given to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which uses skimmer vessels to remove any debris. This is part of an inter-agency "Floatables Action Plan," which has significantly reduced the amount of floating debris escaping the harbor.

Helicopter Sampling Support

In addition to floatables surveillance in the Harbor area, the EPA helicopter is used to conduct water quality sampling in support of the New York and New Jersey National Sanitation Shellfish Programs.

Helicopter Monitoring Reports

Assessment Reports summarizing the inter-agency efforts to remove floatable debris can be found here: "Floatables Action Plan,"

Summary reports of the helicopter's sampling and survey activities from prior years, and discussions and analyses of the results:



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