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Quality Assurance
Office of Analytical Services & Quality Assurance
Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division
EPA Region 3
Fort Meade, Md. & Philadelphia, Pa.

The primary goal of the Region's Quality Management System (a.k.a. quality assurance program) is to ensure that environmental data activities performed by or for the Region will result in data of adequate quality to support the Agency's scientific decisions or actions. For this data to be used with a high degree of certainty, its quality must be known and documented. This goal will be achieved by ensuring that appropriate resources are made available and proper procedures followed throughout the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of each environmental project. This factsheet highlights some of the important aspects of Region 3's Quality Management System.

Region 3 Quality Policy

It is Region 3 policy that all environmental data and information collected and/or used for decision-making are of known quality, suitable for its intended use, with all aspects of collection and analysis thoroughly documented; such documentation being verifiable and defensible. This policy applies to all data collected for environmental operations, including environmental technology activities, performed directly by or for the Region. This includes all Federal, State, Tribal and local partners under interagency and financial assistance agreements; contractors funded by EPA; regulated entities and potentially responsible parties.

Quality Assurance Staff Expertise

Region 3 QA Manager

Terry Simpson (simpson.terry@epa.gov)
Fax 410-305-3095

Region 3 QA Staff

Philadelphia, Pa.

Charlie Jones (jones.charlie@epa.gov)

Fort Meade, Md.

Mike Mahoney (mahoney.mike@epa.gov)

Ed Messer (messer.ed@epa.gov)

Offices We Assist

QA on the Web

The Quality System PIE

If your project involves environmental data, as defined here, you need QA.

Environmental Information or Data is Defined as . any measurements or information that describe environmental processes, location, or conditions; ecological or health effects and consequences; or the performance of environmental technology. For EPA Region 3, environmental information also includes data compiled from other sources such as data bases or literature or produced from models.

Region 3 QA Coordinators
Representative / Alternative
Air Protection Division Chris Pilla 215-814-3438 pilla.chris@epa.gov
Chesapeake Bay Program Office Rich Batiuk
Mary Ellen Ley
Environmental Assessment and
Innovation Division
Charlie Jones 215-814-2734 jones.charlie@epa.gov
Hazardous Site Cleanup Division Jeff Tuttle 215-814-3236 tuttle.jeffrey@epa.gov
Land and Chemicals Division David Friedman 215-814-3395 friedman.davidm@epa.gov
Office of Enforcement, Compliance
and Environmental Justice
Jose Jimenez 215-814-2148 jimenez.jose@epa.gov
Office of Policy & Management Norman Rodriguez 215-814-5274 rodriguez.norman@epa.gov
Water Protection Division Larry Merrill 215-814-5452 merrill.larry@epa.gov

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