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What We Are Doing

University of Georgia Research explains algae growth pilot program to tour group

EPA Region 4 employees tour a University of Georgia greenhouse where various methods are used to grow algae for renewable energy.

EPA Region 4 works with our agriculture partners and other interested parties to achieve environmental improvement and promote sustainable production of safe, abundant supplies of food, fiber, horticultural, and energy products. Our Regional Agricultural Strategy identifies several priority activities including promotion of the following areas:

Environmental Stewardship

  Perdue Clean Waters Environmental Initiative

  Pesticides Programs

EPA employes viewing flowers in a greenhouse

EPA employees tour a floriculture operation to hear about problems with pests becoming resistant to approved pesticides.

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Environmentally Sustainable Energy Technologies and Climate Change

  Southeast Diesel Collaborative (SEDC)

Farm to Energy: Animal Waste to Energy

Carbon Offset Initiative for Swine Producers in North Carolina

Facilitating Carbon Offset Projects on North Carolina Swine Farms to Encourage Greenhouse Gas Emission and Other Pollution Reductions, Environmental Defense Fund and Duke University

Clean and Safe Water Through Watershed Protection

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  Strategic Agriculture Initiative (SAI)

  Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) for Agriculture

  Resource Conservation Challenge

  Gulf of Mexico Program

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Clean and Safe Water through Watershed Protection

Priority Watersheds

Nonpoint Source Section 319 Grant Program

Water Quality Trading

Environmental Justice Farmers' Initiative

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