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Grant Opportunities!


The Air Toxics Assessment and Implementation Section forwards notices of grant opportunities to a list of individuals and organizations who might be interested in them. In some cases these grants are funded by the EPA, and in others they are funded by other governmental or nongovernmental organizations (e.g. private foundations). If you would like to be on this e-mail list, please provide us with your contact information. Keep in mind that we are not sources of information about these grants, we do not claim to know of all the grant opportunities that are available, and we do not evaluate the grant opportunities or their sponsors before we forward the announcements to you; however, through these announcements, your organization might learn of a source that could fund your project!

A website that lists all federal-government-funded grant opportunities is at http://grants.gov/. At this site, you can register to be notified by e-mail of grant opportunities that are sorted according to area of interest, funding agency, and even by eligibility of the potential grant recipient. That site does not list grant opportunities offered by organizations outside the federal government.

EPA’s Environmental Finance Program operates as a referral service for those seeking funding for environmental projects. Although it does not supply grants or loans itself, the Environmental Finance Program does provide A Guidebook of Financial Tools: Paying for Sustainable Environmental Systems. Visit http://www.epa.gov/efinpage/ for details.

EPA and the Centers for Disease Control have developed a guide containing basic information on dozens of grant programs at several federal agencies. It also shares helpful tips on applying for federal grants. It is available at http://www.epa.gov/care/documents/EPA_CDC_ATSDR_Grants_Guide_web_061708.pdf






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