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Air Toxics Training Opportunities


Due to budget cuts EPA Region 4 will not be sponsoring any live in-person training sessions this year. What we are offering in collaboration with EPA Headquarters are TRI Training Slides and On-line Modules to assist industry in the reporting process.

You can go to the following website http://www2.epa.gov/toxics-release-inventory-tri-program/training-tri-reporting-ry-2013 to access both the TRI Basic Concepts On-line Training Modules and the TRI Advanced Concepts On-line Training Modules. Below you will find a brief description of each of these On-line Training Modules.

TRI Basic Concepts On-line Training Modules

This course will help you determine:
If your facility is covered by EPCRA Section 313 (the Toxics Release Inventory)
and, if your facility is covered, for which chemicals your facility must submit a TRI report.
You will also learn about:
Information on making the release and other waste management calculations and estimates for the Form R.
When the Form A Certification statement can be used instead of the Form R.
TRI reporting exemptions (particular uses of TRI chemicals that do not have to be included in TRI reporting).
General TRI program and process information.

Basic Course Materials:

TRI Advanced Concepts On-line Training Modules]

If you have already determined that your facility must report to TRI, this course will help you understand:
Advanced issues related to threshold determinations, TRI reporting, and exemptions<
Information on reporting requirements for PBTs (such as lead, mercury, PACs, etc.) and other chemicals (such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acid aerosols, ammonia, metal compounds nitrate compounds, and metal cyanides) with special TRI reporting considerations.
General TRI program and process information.
How to use the TRI Made Easy on the web (TRI-MEweb) on-line tool, and the CDX electronic submission process.

Advanced Course Materials:








For information about the contents of this page please contact Mr. Ezequiel Velez or Mr. Alan Powell

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